No peace before liberation: PREPAK


    Imphal, Oct 8 (NNN): The proscribed Peoples Revolutionary Party of Kangkeipak (PREPAK) has accused the Government of India for all the ills in the region.
    The Manipur based militant outfit`s 33rd Foundation Day falls on October 9 and on the eve of the celebration of the occasion vice chairman of PREPAK Nongdrenkhomba said that New Delhi has been suppressing the rights of the North East and Jammu and Kashmir with its repressive measures.
    The PREPAK vice chairman while greeting the people on the occasion, opined that no peace will prevail in the region as long as the Government of India continues to have its rule in the region.
    “Hardships, abnormally high rate of criminal activities and the heightened polarisation among different communities of the Land are all obvious impacts of the prolonged Indian colonial rule,” said the PREPAK.
    It added that only when the colonial rule is abolished, the people of the region can dream of stepping into a new era of peaceful and secure environment.
    Calling upon all the indigenous communities of the North East region to be aware of the policy of the Government of India, PREPAK vice chairman said, “It has been more than 60 years that the Northeastern States  have been suffering under the Indian colonial rule.
    It has been a long period that New Delhi has been oppressing our people like Colonial people. Still, the level of oppression has been rising day by day by imposing draconian laws which are obsolete in other parts of the world while keeping the entire North East region under military occupation with a sinister design to exterminate all the people of the region. People have started raising their voices of dissent against the infamous Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act even at New Delhi.
    It is not only AFSPA, there are manyother black laws which are being enforced in different parts of India.
    Repressive measures perpetrated behind these black laws by the wicked Indian Army have cost many lives and properties of civilians. The international community is now aware of the sufferings being endured by the people at the hands of Indian Army under the colonial rule.”
    “Under the colonial rule, attempts after attempts are being made under their Divide and Rule policy to sow seeds of animosity between the hill people and valley people and create conflicts among different indigenous communities with an intention to impede the liberation movement.
    Taking advantage of the Naga integration campaign, Government of India has been creating a situation of apprehension and distrust. They (Indian imperialists) are also instrumental in sparking many communal conflicts and internecine killings,”  the PREPAK vice chairman added.


      • Let us live and let others also live happily. Let us work hard for a better future. Only when we work hard will others respect our cause and listen to our claims. Why worry for meager resources, we can live on them, at least for some time until the day when we excel in our respective field and earn respect from our peers. Then, people will come to us for everything. The present scenario in Manipur and that of the immediate past should give us impetus to move forward and be competitive in the outside world. Let us work hard to earn money but take others’ hard-earned money and position.

        Long Live Ima Leibak Manipur


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