Policemen suspendeded over Thoubal firing case


Imphal, Oct 21: At least 3 personnel of Manipur’s Thoubal district police have been reportedly suspended over excessive use of force while quelling irate mob in Thoubal on Tuesday.

An official source revealed, on condition of anonymity, that amongst the five rogue personnel, three belonged to Manipur police commandos while two of them are from Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB)

The suspended persons are identified as CDO, OC in charge N. Tikendra , S.I .Lalminthang Mangtae,ASI L. Dhanabir and another two personnel currently attached to the Thoubal CDO namely Havildar Ch. Mossenger and & Havildar H. Manihar have been recommisioned to the 1st batallion of the IRB for their involvement in the said incident .

It must be recalled that when a confused and irate mob had marched towards Thoubal Police Station on October 19 to know the whereabouts of one Zamir Khan, 35, s/o Zalauddin of Sangaiyumpham Part II Moirang Palli Bazaar, who was alleged as PULF and reportedly arrested by Assam Riffles, Thoubal Police used excesses of tear gas and lathi-charged to disperse the aggrieved mob. In the ensuing scuffle, 15 persons including women sustained injuries, some of whom were critical and had to be rushed to Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Imphal. 

A Joint Action Committee (JAC) has been formed by the people of Sangaiyumpham to take the issue to its logical conclusion. It decried police atrocities and excessiveness and demanded the release of the Zamir without any condition.
The JAC reportedly took the matter to the Chief Minister of Manipur O Ibobi Singh, who has reportedly assured of finding a solution promptly.

The JAC had demanded that those police personnel who are involved in the incidence of excessive police atrocities be sacked summarily. It rubbished police allegation of Zamir being a member of PULF.
The people began to be suspicious under contradiction claims by PIB (DW) and PRO IGAR (S).
Meanwhile, Bisnupur district’s Moirang Mairenbam Leikai’s womenfolk staged a sit in protest at their locality in protest against the incidence of hurling hand grenade in the residential premises of one Hemom Biren, 45, s/o H Mangi of Moirang Mairenbam Leikai.
The bomb that was found this morning at around 5.30 am was recovered by Moirang Police.


  1. Well my Friends
    I do also believe that the. Armed Forces in Manipur (Manipur Commandos, IRB and Manipur police) these Armed Forces really don’t have respect for people, they think as if they are king in Manipur, they think this because they are illiterate without having a good education, their can’t be good development in the state however I do feel that the Non- Manipuri are far more better than Manipuri Armed forces. Eg CRPF, BSF & AR) theses people know how to talk with respect.
    On the other hand I appreciate CBI for cracking down bloody Manipur Commandos’ for killing many innocent boys & women in the state; (BT Road Fake Killing).
    These Manipur Armed forces have forgotten that, they are public servant. What I believe is that our Horn. CM , should make a proper law for the state , now as far as I know , there is no law in the state if there is a law, the government officer does not followed it .
    I was surprised when I went to open Bank Account in UBI in Thoubal, the officer inside who open the accounts didn’t care to look at the document for 3 weeks to get open that account. Then someone form the bank said to me that. “Give him some Rs 500”,. Than I said myself , this is our Society , where people eats people.

  2. I agree karan
    I do also belive that the . Armed Forces in Manipur (Manipur Commandos , IRB and Manipur police ) this Armed Forces really don’t have respect to people , they think they are the king in Manipur and they are illiterate. The Non- Manipuri are far more better . Eg CRPF , BSF & AR) theses people know how to talk with respect.

  3. Well dear friends.

    i am really happy to know that some policemen has been suspended for using their unlimited power , which these illiterate police man have in their mind , there are to protect the public, in Manipur these illiterate police officer need to taught on “ how to respect people” . I know the fact that, the jobs in Manipur are purchase and I can be one of the high rank police office or other office, what is the used.
    If the people of thinks this way than; god know, what will happen to Manipur ..
    Also appreciate that the CBI for which they crack down some police officer form Imphal in regards to BT road Killing.
    The message is clear to all the armed forces in Manipur. PLEASE HAVE SOME RESPECT TO PUBLICE.

    • Hi all,

      Suspension will not resolve the problem. One day those suspended policemen will get reinstated, then the same old story will be repeated again.

      Any policemen who does not know how to respect people should be terminated. They have been recruited to protect the people, if the protector themselves become tormentor, there is no point in calling them police. Better call them bandits, loot people for money.

      I will also mention that root cause of all these problems are the corrupt politicians.


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