Prices Allowed to Freely Spiral to the Sky


Leader Writer : Leivon Jimmy
The public of the State have been enthralled by the recent chain of medals won by the sportspersons of the state. Though the state is basking in the glory for a moment at the end of the day they have to face the reality that is prevailing in the state. Unavailability of essential items at the right priceand quantity.

Though the state is democratic in nature, one questions whether we are living in a democratic manner. The economic blocade imposed by the Naga civil organisations have left a deep stain in the fabric of the state economy. The prices commodities skyrocketed out of control during the past many months now and not at a negotiable condition. Escorting goods trucks using central foces, repairing of NH-53 followed by the open sale of declaration of petroleum products are some visible actions from the part of theGovernment but the question is does this efforts bringing the situation to normalcy.

The recent open sales of fuel announced in the early part of August have not emerged by and large as it cannot cater to the needs of the public and one can see the long queues in front of the Petrol stations. The open sale is not conducted by the petrol pumps but rather by the black marketers. One cannot avail fuel from the pumps but the black market is flooded by petrol.Similar for the LPG product, one will get on hold a refilled cylinder more easily by purchasing from black market twice or thrice the normal rate. Not the least the daily household commodities are also in no position to negotiate.

Either way the blockade or pay hike, the prices rise cleaves in the marketsjust like the old story of a monkey distributing bread. The reality of the situation seems to be much distorted; everyone is still confused whether it is the blockade or the Pay hike or something else. For how long do the public have to feel the warth. Does not this amount to Right deprivation? If not why and if yes why the problem is far from improving after all these months of mayhem.

The ground reality has reached such a sorry state and the measures are not promising yet. Here comes another Big Q? Is this an indication that state Government still addresses the issue in a lukewarm manner.

A lone Minister raiding here and there looking for a culprit, a team of Minister on inspection tour of the Highways to the progress of the works on the highways, declaration of open and what not is this enough and where are the results. At the end of the day hue and cry of the transporters for the deplorable condition of the Highways, unavalibility of essential items at the right price and as required etc. and the cycle of menace continue until it starts all over again afresh with more complexity. This has become very predictable. The essence of life in democratic state or country one must enjoy is completely missing.   

The need of the hour is something concrete and promising, not individual. Why cant there be a policy to tackle all these menace and synchronized it besides these are not a new thing to the Government while we wait for the dream of the railways comes into existence. It is easier said than done but enough is enough.


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