Street vendors are small fries in petrol black marketing: Erabot


IMPHAL, Oct 29: The Ministry of Home Affairs has asked the Government of Manipur to submit a details report on the fuels shortage arising in the aftermath of the economic blockade imposed by the UNC and network of black market of petroleum products.

While talking to some mediapersons consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution System, minister Y. Irabot Singh, alleged that the man culprit involved in the black marketing network constabularies under the home department.

He particularly mentioned the 2nd MR battalion fire, staff of the central jail etc.

Further the minster claimed that he apprised the home department to take necessary action and sensitized the department however the Government remained silent adding keeping in view the urgent need to contain the situation the CAF&PD department was compelled to apprised the Home Secretary team led by GK. Pillai, in a written statement for necessary action.

The street vendors are small fries in this scam, the need of the hour is to bust the networking of large business running underground, said the minister.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the officials of the IOC, FCI, OSD/CAF&PD which included commissioners, Additional Director, Accountant officers chaired by Y. Irabot was held this afternoon around 12:30.

After a deliberate discussion the meet adopted seven point resolutions.

The resolutions said that all the Sub-allocation of MS/HSD be made at the rate of 12KL each to all depots with three times a week at the minimum within and around the Imphal and greater Imphal area where 13/14 depots are operating. In case of other depots at remote places be made sub-allocation in quantities and number of allocation subject to demand and deposal.

DCs concerned shall make deployment of officials to every depot and maintain stock, issue records, all records of sub-allocation order by the IOC be made available to the office of the Dorector/CAF&PD.

Further the resolutions said sub-allocation fo the next consignment be made subject to the fulfillment of 1,2&4 above, daily stock position of MS/HSD be declared and made available to the OSD/CAF&PD and in case of NRL arrival of MS/HSD be made available to the OSD/CAF&PD and disposal be subject to the direction issued by the Government only.

The meet also discussed about the stock position in the FCI godowns where in the current position of various FCI godowns was tabled in the meeting. The current position of the Sangaiprou godwon are 11,041 matric tone of rice, wheat 886 matric tone, 259 matric tone of sugars. For Ukhrul the position for Rice is 1,829 matric tone and 403 matric tone of Rice in Jiribam Godown. The total stock position of Rice for the state is 3,372 matric tone.

According to the CAF&PD, minister Y. Irabot, the current stock of rice at Sangaiprou, 11, 041 matric is not sufficient a single constituency in Imphal alone adding the necessary quota extension is yet to sanctioned.

Further the minister said that there are some balances left for rationed Sugar, wheat, APL, BPL Rice which is yet to be lifted. The meeting sorted out that the balance PDS item could be lifted if the convoys of the FCI plying along the NH-53 is doubled the trip to twice a week against the once a week trip.

The meeting further resolved that a written petition will be sent to the home department requesting to double the trip along the NH-53 to ensure stability in the state.

On the otherhand the Imphal East Police had arrested black marketers of petrolium fuels from different places including two mobile phone tower runner for keeping access fuel in their residence as well for using in black marketing.

Police source said that as per specific information of storing huge quantity of fuel in different place for using black marketing since from 26 October till today the Imphal police has been able to arrested some small and big black marketers in fuel and LPG gas.

Source further said that the police has arrested two person who store about 2000 each litre of desiel oil, and the person are identified as Wahengbam Rojit 31 year and W. Indra 30 of porompat Thawanthaba lerak and the another person who recovered with 19 gas cylinder out of this 3 are empty. And he is identified as Lairikyenbam Rajeet 35 of Lairekyenbam leikai.

Further the Imphal east police conducted a search operation on selling of petrolium products since 26 October till today and also reported that number of small fuels vendor and other were also picked up by the police, as they do not have permits to sold such petroleum product oils in the state.


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