Tamenglong district hospital virtually defunct leaving people hapless


IMPHAL, Oct 7: Anguish over the total failure of the Tamenglong District Hospital at the district headquarters to deliver minimum health care facilities to the needy public at Tamenglong district on account of the prolonged absence of the chief medical officer of the hospital, the Zeliangrong Women Union has set an ultimatum for the government to take remedial measure by October, 9 this month, failing which they would resort to open protest.

Lending support to the ZWU resolution, various social and public leaders of the Tamenglong district expressed words of concern at the complaint as well as the threat for protest, and called upon the government to do the needful to avoid the worst consequences.

Various social leaders of the Tamenglong district including, former minister Samuel Jendai, while talking to IFP today said the existing District Hospital at Tamenglong District headquarters is one of the most important institution in the district as it is meant to deliver health care, especially for the villagers from remote regions of the districts such as Tousem and Tamei sub-divisions.

However, the failure of the district administration has caused serious concerns for the villagers as they currently  have no access to even basic minimum health care facilities.

According to official information received, the present Congress led SPF government with an objective to deliver the basic minimum health care facilities to various districts of the state had earlier begun rationalization of government doctors.

The objective is to make adequate doctor and nursing staff available in all District Hospitals of the state by the beginning of April this year. However, the policy’s result is still to be seen on the ground.

They said in Tamenglong Dr L Sharatchandra was among the senior doctor who was transferred as chief medical officer of the District Hospital Tamenglong on April 9 this year and the said CMO had joined his office at the said district hospital on May 29 which was one month after of the government order was issued.
However, the frequent absent of the CMO from duty has caused gradual deterioration of health care facilities in the district, they said.
The district hospital at Tamenglong district headquarters service is most felt during summer and rainy season where the cases of malaria and other seasonal epidemics rise in various vulnerable villages of the district.

The social leaders also mentioned that the anguish of the public has intensified following the failure of the state health department to replace the vacant posts of six nurses who were recently transferred out from the District Hospital adding another dimension to the already serious problem.
The social leaders further demanded posting only Medical Officers who are committed to serve the people and especially to the welfare of the district.


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