Thoubal CDOs opposes suspension of colleagues


IMPHAL, Oct 22: Denouncing the recent order of the state government suspending five police commandos of Thoubal District police as an act to down the morale of Police commandos throughout the state, police commandos stationed at the SP, Thoubal office complex today expressed dissent by going on a cease work demonstration.

The commandos had used mock bombs and tear gas shells to disperse a mob which turned violent following the arrest of Jamir Khan an alleged PULF, finance secretary and former NEMF cadre on the night of October 19, in which 15 person including one woman were hurt.

The policemen while talking to the media said the suspension was not justified.

They also said the commandos were only acting according to government brief and appealed to the government to reconsider the order.
Recalling the mob controlling incident, they said had they not resorted firing to disperse the mob the situation could have been much worse.
They said when the mob was stopped by a combined team of QRT and CDOs they started throwing stones at the police vehicles and even tried to snatch away their weapons.

While exhibiting the police vehicle damaged during the mob frenzy, the commandos contended that the CDO team had to use tear gas and mock bombs to disperse the mob.

Saying that even though various mob protests had happened in the state, even in the heart of the state capital, where the concern police commandos personnels have had to sometime use teargas and mock bombs to disperse the mob as per government brief, it is the Thoubal CDos who have ended up victimized.

Asking concern authorities to take up befitting action, the commandos warned of more intense actions.


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