Traffic vigil in Ukhrul town


    UKHRUL,Oct 5: The UKhrul district police is keeping a strict vigil of traffic congestion Ukhrul town following the Ukhrul District Administration Order issued earlier to control the traffic rules in the heart of Ukhrul town to avert any form of accidents and inconveniences in the interest of the general public as the whole people(padestrains), vehicles, domestic animals altogether sharing the only one way run Ukhrul road communication.
    The district police personnel is strictly checking the movements of light and heavy vehicles. Heavy vehicles are restricted to enter with loading and unloading services and also to that of the parking from 8 am till 3:30pm everyday in and within the town periphery. All passenger buses coming in the town are allowed to park only at the specific Bus terminus at Ukhrul, Awontang instructed to leave from the point 10 minutes ahead of their departure schedule timing.
    The main town taxis are allowed to pickup and board the passengers only at the Ukhrul Taxi Service or Society`s Standpoints put up on either side of the town. And altogether there are 17 taxi stands erected and all the vehicles light or heavy are given a strict restriction information, according to the Ukhrul District Police source. The source also  said that in defying or trespassing the rules and order of the District Administration which is done in the interest of the welfare of the people in the district shall liable to be punished as per the rules and act of the traffic regulation Act.


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