Ukhrul pays homage to Gandhi


From John K Kaping
UKHRUL, Oct, 2: With an aim to promote the philosophy of the father of the Indian nation, Mahatma Gandhi, and his doctrine of “non-violence”(Ahimsa) in the Naga Nation, also to pave way for peace building among the Nagas and their neighbours, the Naga Solidarity Group (NSG) today observed the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
The celebration was joined by a good number of non-Manipuri mainly from the India’s mainland states like Biharis, Bengalis, Assamese, Marwaris, Gujaratis etc.
During the occasion at the Tangkhul Leihsak Long Conference Hall, Ukhrul, organised a candlelight homage to the father of the nation and remembered Gandhi’s philosophy of, “non-violence as the common denominator of all religions”.
Hungyohong, an active Human Rights activist as a resource person in the function deliberated the message on the importance of living together of all people despite belonging to myriad language groups, dialects, tradition, peaceful  coexistence, respecting  the rights of people living together in the region etc.
The celebration was also attended by Alung Rungsung, convenor, NPMHR (south Sector).


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