Ukhrul public protest tempered Census


From John K Kaping

UKHRUL, Sept. 30: A massive public procession in protest against on-going Ukhrul District Census counting in which state government is allegedly trying to slash down or tamper the percentage of the Ukhrul Population Growth against the actual rise of the population after the last delimitation or the census counting conducted during 2001 was carried-out in Ukhrul headquarter today at 10 am.

The rally was jointly organized by the Tangkhul Social Organizations including the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong,TKS (Tangkhul Students` Union, Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long,TMNL (Tangkhul Youth Council), Tangkhul Shanao Long,TSL (Tangkhul Women Council) andTangkhul Naga Wungnao Long,TNWL (Tangkhul Village Chiefs Association).

The protesters carried the placards such as, “Census 2010 is anti-tribals,”` “stop communal census”, “Ibobi change your anti-tribal attitude”, “don`t corrupt census data”.

One banner hung on the wall read “Ibobi who authorize you to slash census”.

The census register record according to 2001 Census indicated the total Ukhrul population 140772 and 2010 census should record 178350 at 25 percent according growth rate to reliable source from NPR Ukhrul data.

One rallyists group converged from Hundung junction and the other from Kharasom junction and assembled at the TNL Conference Hall for a public meeting.
The Public meeting began after the prayer graced by the TNWL, President Mr. Wungchipei.

During the meeting Wungnaoshang A Shimray, President, TKS elaborated on the total violation of the district census and charged that the state government is trying to slash down or tamper with the population resulting the violation of the `birth rights`.

The Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh is manipulating the tribals census figure by reducing the 31.2 percent population rise to 16.8 percent which is not at acceptable he said.

The rights of the tribals are totally suppressed by the government and such problems of ill-treatment towards the tribals in the land would be fought till the rights are achieved Zanyo Varam, President, TMNL said.

The Manipur government is exploiting the Hill tribals of the state economically,educationally, politically, environmentally etc he said.

He said tribals have only government 18000 jobs out of the approximate 80,000 jobs, he said.

He said valley constituencies constitute on the average of 24000 voters whereas the hill constituencies like Ukhrul can be more than 34000. And now the manipur government is trying to control and dictate the “birth rights” of the hils he charged.

A joint memorandum addressed to Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India was submitted through the Ukhrul Deputy Commiddioner, N. Ashok Kumar.
The Public rally ended-up with a closing prayer graced by Rev. Maijob.


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