Wangtin naga on 4 points drafts


    IMPHAL, Oct 30: Wangtin Naga cautioned a write up of Naga Hoho of October 27, recommending few suggestive points. An appeal to the Indian government agencies for release of Naga political prisoners from their different custodies in appreciable because Indian security forces mis-used the cease-fire Naga political movement in the name of cease-Fire which is not surprise thing for the Nagas who came across unbearable atrocities in the hands of Indian Armed forces right from 1950’s till 1990’s. The statement issued by the Angha David of the GPRN mentioned that, however organising orally whatever the manner it may be, in support of NSCN-IM’s political talk is nothing but re-painting the colour of their (Naga Hoho and NSCN-IM nexus. When IM’s talk is not known to any Naga, why should there be any meeting to be attended by politicians social activist and Naga Tribal bodies? Nagas can not be the part of IM’s talk as longer they continue their hidden business with GOI without unanimity among the Nagas, be it over ground or National political groups. The Naga political movement is collective issue and hence, no faction can claim to be mandatory body. Similarly, no faction is superior than the other. The NSCN-IM’s version like Naga independence of 14th August 1947, plebiscite of 1951 and uniqueness of Naga political and situation are not their private properties because it is the only political history of the Nagas which protects their political rights from occupational forces.

    The released further mentioned that, responding to the Naga Hoho president statement that, Mr.S.S.Khaplang chairman NSCN refused to be included in the ongoing dialogue because he is not Indian citizen but of Myanmar, Naga Hoho and its officials should not be the confused people. Mr. S.S. Khaplang is neither Indian citizen nor of Myanmar because he have his country. He and his people have never been part of India nor of Myanmar. The Nagas of present Nagaland State, particularly advance tribes betrayed S.S. Khaplang and his people by accepting Indian State through betrayal 16th points agreement of 1963. Leaders of Nagas of Nagaland forgot their solemn pledge that, neither Nagas of Indian site nor the Nagas of Myanmar occupation should accept imposed states from both the occupational countries. Mr.S.S. Khaplang and his people still firmly standing on their solemn pledge. We the Nagas under Indian colonialism should be ashamed of what we are today, instead of calling self ruled leader S.S. Khaplang, a Myanmar citizen. The state of Nagaland have been exchanged with blood of Naga patriots at the cost of sovereignty movement. Naga could have achieve sovereignty by now had not Nagas (advance tribe) signed 16th points agreement which is a great blunder subjected to be political analysis. We must be truthful to ourselves as truth existed with God long before God created men and hence, it belongs to God. May I therefore, request Keviletou, President Naga Hoho to tell me as to when S.S.Khaplang, Chairman NSCN refused to be included in the ongoing dialogue? How can you expect a great leader like S.S.Khaplang to be part of IM’s talk? And who told you that, he is Myanmar citizen? Mind it, S.S. Khaplang is self ruled Naga leader neither Indian citizen nor Myanmar nationality the release added.


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