ZSU extends condolences


IMPHAL October: The Zeliangrong Students’ Union .Manipur have expressed condolences to the family members of the deaceased and the injured persons in the accident which occured at Tamei road on wednesday.

A press release by ZSUM information and publicity secretary stated that accidents occur since the State Government do not pay attention towards the development of the interconnecting roads of Tamenglong District which is the most backward among all the nine districts of the State.
The ZSUM have  demanded the government to pay compensation to the surviving members of the 4 persons who died tragically in the said accident and to the injured.

The union also appealed to the State Government and to the concerned contractor to look into the matter and repair the Imphal Tamei road at the earliest.
The condition of the IT road which is the lifeline for the people living in Tamei  Sub Division have remained in a depolrable condition for a  long time,stated the release.

The ZSUM in a meeting dissolved the house of the ZSU (Khoupum Area) on the 3rd of October and the next tenure will be held within three months.


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