Border bridge inaugurated


From Kaimuanthang

Lamka Nov 3: The suspension bridge constructed across Tuitha River popularly known as Teikot bridge near Teikot village adjacent to a Myanmarese vilalge has been inaugurated and commission today. The same bridge has been handed over to public by Singngat SDO Tlangtinkhum IAS. A dilapidated bridge at the same place had earlier collapsed and carried away by the river stream during flooding in monsoon leaving people on either side of the river in tenterhooks.

The bridge was constructed under the MLA local funds. The inaugural functions was attended by T Hangkhanpau, MLA Singngat, G Suanchinpau MDC Lungthul Sangremsiam SDC besides a good number social workers.

Speaking at the inauguration function, Hangkhanpao said the bridge will serve as a link between people on either side and would allay their problems of crossing the river when flooded while pointing out it is his endeavour to construct such bridge to help out at inaccessible parts of the country.


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