Govt in fund utilisation certificate fix again


IMPHAL, Nov 2: The state government is in a fix in the wake of a recent directives from the Planning Commission of India for the preparation of the plan proposal for the financial year 2011-12 as it has been able to utilize only about 20.16% of the plan money sanctioned by the Centre for the current financial year by October end.

As per official intimation to the state chief secretary by the member secretary of the Planning Commision of India on October 12 last month to make preparations for the plan proposal for the financial year 2011-12, state Planning Department has made an official circulations requesting preparation of Draft Annual Plan (2011-12) proposal for the state to state Additional chief secretary (RD & PR), Govt. of Manipur, all principal secretaries, all commissioners/secretaries and all heads of department under state government.

In compliance with the official notification of the Planning Commission of India, state chief secretary has notified on October 28 explaining that the state government was requested to prepare the draft Annual Plan 2011-12 proposals and submit to the Planning Commission within November 30.

The chief secretary’s notice further mentioned that, as per the stipulations of the Planning Commission of India, the plan proposals for 2011-12 are to be prepared assuming an increase of 10% over the Central Assistance provided in 2010-11.

The schedule for the finalization of the Annual Plan 2011-12 for the state indicated by the Planning Commission, the last date of reciept of draft plan documents from states and Union Territories is on November 30.

There will be two days working group discussion on December 1 and 7 this year, there must be deputy chairman- chief minister level meeting discussions by January and February next year and finally the issue of finalized Sectoral Outlay and Scheme of Financing will be done within ten days of the above meeting.

The chief secretary’s notice directed all head of departments concerned need to includes the various elements including introduction about the sector, review of last three Annual Plan (2007-10) and Annual Plan 2010-11 of the 11th Plan Period (inclusive of all earmarked progarmme/ ACA, Special Plan Assitance), outline of Annual Plan 2011-12 proposal including all earmarked programmes and separate paragraphs on Special Componant Plan (SCP), Tribal Sub Plan (TSP), District Plan, Special Plan Assistance, EAP, Women Component, Vouluntary Sector, initiative for additional resource mobilization and reform programme undertaken.

The official notification also advised that, in view of the urgency of the matter, the concerned head of department are requested to expedite preparation of draft plan proposals for Annual Plan (2011-12) in repect of their department latest by November 15 this year positively along with sift copy (write up portion in MS-Word and statements in MS-Excel) the official directive of chief secretary Manipur added.

According to a highly placed official source, Sudha Pillai, IAS, Member Secy. Planning Commission of India on October 12 last month wrote an official letter to the state chief secretary for paying attention to complete the exercise for the preparation of draft Annual Plan of the state for the year 2011-12.

The official representation from the member secretary of the Planning Commission of India further highlighted that, the plan resources have come under pressure despite strong recovery in growth due to an imperative need to reduce the fiscal deficit in line with the recommendations of the 13th Finance Commission. Therefore, strong steps are needed to bring improvement in the efficiency of resource use and curtail non essential expenditure. The level of centre’s gross budgetary support for the Annual Plan 2011-12 is yet to be decided and the state government is advised to go ahead with preparation of the draft Annual Plan on the basis of 10% enhance over the Central support goven to the state.

On the other hand, advisor (Financial Resources) of the Planning Commission of India on September 15 this year requested the Finance Secretary of the state government to furnished the requisite data to hold discussions on the the resource position of the state. The official level resource discussions with the state government for Annual Plan 2011-12 will be held this month and further advised the state government to furnish the information timely so that these official level resource discussions for Annual Plan 2011-12 are completed in time.

The recent official letter of the PCI to the state government further mentioned that, in recent years, Planning Commission has emphasized the importance of preparation of district Plans and their incorporation into state’s Annual Plan and Five years Plans. However, the commission have observed that District Planning is still at a nascent stage in most of the states. The Deputy chairman would be writing seperately to the chief minister of the state to accelerate the process of preparation and implemenation of District Plans in the state, and further requested the state government to incorporate the District Planning in the respective states Annual Plan 2011-12 in accordance with the guidelines issued by Planning Commission for the preparation of district plans.

It is also further mentioned in the state official letter that, the Planning Commission of India has already commenced work on drafting of the Approach paper to 12th Five Years Plan and commission shall be writing to the state government more about it shortly. Since 2011-12 is the lat year of 11th Five Year Plan, the state government is advised to aske the officers make the best effort to fulfill the plan priorities of 11th Five Year Plan of the Manipur state, the official letter from the PCI added.

It may be mentioned that, state government is at the initial stage for the implementation of the various schemens and projects and other developmental activities with the fund of annual plan money for the current financial year which was only finalized during first part of August this year.

The annual plan outlay for the current financial was fixed at Rs 2800 crores which includes Rs 800 for Special Plan Assistance (SPA) from the centre, and due to the late finalization of state plan for the current financial year, state government is able to utilized only about 20.16 % of the plan money till the last part of October last month the official source added.


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