Neglecting teachers is depriving education policy


Leader Writer : Sukham Nanda

It is said that state government has been paying priorities to the education sector which is one of the major component of human resource development that the state government is achieving major resources of own apart from other minimal resources that state government is enjoying.

Considering the importance of major contributions shared by the human resources to the state income state government is making efforts for maintaining quality education in the state by implementing various schemes and program funded by the central government and reflecting huge amount of annual plan funds to the education sector since last many years and on. On the other hand it is known by everyone that availability of fund alone could bring quick quality education in the state. There is need of maintaining congenial atmosphere, proper infrastructure, sincere and perfect educators and most importantly the obedient learners/students.

It has been very unfortunate for the state like Manipur where multiple of conflicts from different directions have directly or indirectly affected to the educational atmosphere, and even sometimes due to inefficiency of the state government in dealing time arising problems and failure of formulating the perfect state education policy had caused total paralyse of entire state education systems. The clear picture of failure of the state education policy could be seen while comparing to pass percentage between the Government schools and private run schools in the state in major examinations conducted both by the Board of Secondary Education Manipur and Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur under the state Education department every year.

On the other hand while we are talking about the quality education in the state, every parents and guardians prefer private schools for the studies of their children rather to the government schools, it was very shameful on the side of the state government for losing the faith and confidence by the people of the state.

The present cease work strike launched by the Council of Teachers’ Association (COTA) with their demand for the implementation of Sixth Central Revised pay in toto has started effecting seriously to the government schools started from elementary to higher secondary level at present. A sign of complete silence from the state government without responding any implication for stopping the present cease work strike is not in the interest of the student community even though the state government is talking of bringing quality education in the state.

It seen some injustice has done by the state government against the teachers community who are the sole responsible for bring quality education to the students of the state. Depriving the wisdoms of the teachers community can never serve the purpose of the what the state government is dreaming of maintaining quality education in the state.

It may be mentioned that, due to the prolonged cease work strike in the state spearheaded by the JAC of AMTUC and AMGEO the with demand of implementation of Sixth Central Revised pay the entire academic atmosphere of government schools specially remain paralysed for more than last many month and the matter was finally subsided with the signing of MOU on May 19 last with the state government for the implementation of Sixth Central Revised pay, but the failure of the state government in implementing the same for almost seven month shows the irresponsibleness and lack of transparency in the side of state government.

Obviously, it is very reasonable for alleging the state government as vias and only think for the persons who are at powers while considering to the recent event of taking the approval during the meeting of state cabinet that held on April, 1 last with the chaired by chief minister for the implementation of Sixth Central Revised pay in toto for ministers and MLAs which the COTA has termed as pick and choose policy that the state government had adopted.

It would be better not to give any promise for what cannot be fulfill this is the thing that the people of state have been learned from the state government at present, thus any sequence and consequences of the unfulfill promise aught to be borne by the government, considering these all facts future outcomes state government need to adopt perfect policy before implementing any welfare activities to avoid lapses in future, and the present cease strike of the COTA should be dealt seriously by the state government before it is too late with clear cut policy of the state so as to avoid reoccurrence of the same in the future.


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