Salaries of Assembly employees recruitted after 2001 still uncertain


IMPHAL, Nov 5: Excessive appointment of the staffs at the Manipur Legislative Assembly under the supervisions of time to time Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly since 2001 has caused a major concerned for the state government policy in finalization of their MGEL.
The overemployment burden has already manifested in non payment of salaries at present.
According to an official source, the failure of the state government to considered the axcess appointments of the staffs to the Manipur Legislative Assembly by the speakers of three consecutive phases started from the period of S Dhananjoy singh, TN Haokip and late Dr Sapam Budhichandra has created a situation where the state government is unable to pay salaries of employees appointed after 2001.
The matter has came into light following the proposal from the State Law and Legislative department drawing attention of the state government by way to putting the matter before the state cabinet meeting seeking the approval for updating 306 sanctioned posts of the Manipur Legislative Assembly in MGEL/CPIS.
A proposal of the Manipur Legislative Assembly put before a cabinet meeting held on November 2 mentioned that the salaries of employees of the Assembly Secretariat, Manipur, have not been paid from August this year due to the non finalization of their MGEL.
The non finalization of the MGEL is due to the failure of submission of post creation orders to the state Finance Department.
The official source further said the recent cabinet meeting has also discussed the explanation made by the Manipur Legislative Assembly Secretariat.
The report mentioned that the Assembly Secretariat had already informed the state Finance Department that the record relating to the post creation along with other documents were destroyed in the June 18, 2001 fire incident in the Assembly Secretariat building.
As per the official report tabled before the cabinet meeting the total number of the posts in the Assembly Secretariat is 306.
Out of this total post creation order of 70 posts are availbale in the Assembly secretariat through the concerned employees but the post creation orders of 236 posts are not available.
It is alsoinformed that state Assembly Secretariat has requested the State Finance Department on November 7, 2009 to trace out the relevant creation order of the 306 but no information as yet received so far.
The source further mentioned that the salaries of the employees were drawn upto month of July this year under conditional MGEL certificate and no salaries of the employees were drawn since August this year due to non-updation of MGEL/CPIS which was kept unsettled in the Finance Department Since, 2009 despite repeated request in this issue.
The cabinet meeting was however unable to come to any decision on the salaries of 306 employees.



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