Thadou students dismayed by murder of Mojol Khunou chief


IMPHAL, Nov 23: Thadou Students’ Association Chandel has once again expressed shocked on the assassination of the village chief of Moljol Khunou Ngamkholet Baite by the militants and reaffirm the decision of the Association to called 12 hours chakka bandh in Churachandpur district from 5 am till 5 pm tomorrow to marked the protest.

According to a release of the association, nevertheless as per the spot inquiry about the decease corpse, the association has came knew that the deceased village chief was involved in the recently formed under ground group as an advisor. Whereas, they feel bad in hearing about the formation of New other under ground group, in Chandel district. While the public of the Chandel district hardly managing with the existing group.

The release further mentioned that, on the top that, on behalf of the concerned public the association like to appeals the Vaiphei tribe who is lineage of Thadou tribe to reconsider about the agitation decision of 12 hours chakka bandh starting from 5 am till 5pm tomorrow in Churachandpur district.

The release also further reminded that, actually its was the Chandel district matter and not to try to entered the arising problems upto Churaachandpur district it will be better to solve any arising problems through understandings.

The release further mentioned that, before they are living in peaceful and harmonily in their district, they would not agree with any persons or matter which can produced unwanted atmosphere in the district.

Further, more they requested the Vaiphei tribe bodies including Zillai Pol as a JAC about late Ngamkholet Baite that not to take advantage with this unwanted matter to create disharmony among the Kuki society.

It is also further mentioned that, in fact they are the federal units of the Kuki which is the nomenclature of the 22 tribes excluding any Kuki tribes, so they are the responsible tribes to bring good situation in their society without the favouritism of individual person, but the best thing is that they have to know their jurisdiction about every issue and not to involved in other then their responsibility issue and disturb the public interest, the released added.


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