Tombisana School protests market plan


IMPHAL, Nov 14: The proposed new market sheds in the greater Imphal areas for which the Ministry of Urban Development has sanctioned Rs. 72 crores as announced by the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi during her recent maiden visit to the state capital on October 12 is now leading to another scramble.

A state ministrial team led by the chief minister O Ibobi Singh, PDA chairman MLA, Dr Kh Loken Singh, MLA, L Nandakumar and officials of PDA has carried out inspections to the proposed sites for establishing three new market sheds yesterday morning around 10.30 am.

The new site for the coming up three market sheds includes, Tombisana High School complex at Assembly road, Lamphel Super Market and Chingmeirong.

In the meantime, reacting sharply to the recent proposal of erecting new market shed at Tombisana High School at Assembly road, the managing committee of the school, the committee will strongly opposed the present proposal of the state government to contruct market sheds after vacating the said school.

According to the statement of the managing committee of the school signed by one Ph Ibochou Sharma mentioned that, there is still a committee to look after the said school and all necessary taxes for school complex have been given to the state from time to time and the very committee is one of the real owner of the said school. It would be wrong to think that the present Tombisana High school belongs to the government land by keeping the security forces at the school complex at present and there still a case pending at the court in connection with the keeping security forces into the school complex by the state government.

The statement further mentioned that, the committee did not object the government policies for the construction of market sheds but it would be very reasonable to keep the sanctity of Tombisana High school as the place for learning for the students which is still maintain since last many years and the place is now become a historical place for education and taken over the school complex which is situated in the heart of the Imphal City will certainly create the sense thoughtless policies of state government by the people of the state.

The state also further mentioned that, market is the place for earning money and educational institution is place for earning knowledge, beside the place for earning can be achieved easily by improving the existing conditions of road, bridges and other transport systems in the state, and the state government need to consider the status of the Tombisana High school which involved with historical sanctity of the state in the field of educations of the state which the state government need to understand, the statement added.


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