AR man vows to reveal truth about fake encounter killing


IMPHAL, Dec 2: In what could be another major eye opener for the so called fake encounter drama in the fake encounter infested state, an Assam Rifles man, claiming to be the sole witnessed willing to give statement on a fake encounter case is likely to undergo disciplinary action for standing against his superior officers.

According to highly placed reliable source, the witnessed is identified to be one DS Chauhan (service No. M/371073), a nursing assistant of the 33 AR of Sendra post currently posted at Kumbi post.

The source disclosed that Chauhan is the sole willing witnessed of an alleged encounter that took place on January 21 night, 2010 in between Kwakta and Saiton village under Moirang police station wherein a 42 year old man was killed.

The victim who was killed in the encounter was identified to be one Md. Fazirruddin, 45, s/o (L) Md. Jaheruddin of Thoubal Moijing Awang Leikai.

This apparently will be the first case that an armed forces personnel is willing to give contrary statement on what the security forces has claimed to be true.

When contacted, on receiving about reports of the witness, the witness disclosed that he is willing to give statement on the particular case of the alleged encounter and bring out the truth to the world of what exactly happened.

Besides that he also appealed rights activist and body to intervene into the matter.

At the same time, it may be recalled that the encounter reportedly carried out by personnel of the 33 AR was contradicted by the family stating that it was fake encounter.

The family while contradicting the claim of the encounter had revealed that the victim was whisked away from his residence besides that the victim was wearing only Lungee however when the victim was found he was dressed in combat fatigue along with small arms. Moreover the victim is claimed to be innocent.

In connection with the incident an unrest was also erupted for few days besides forming JAC against the killing.

The case of the particular encounter has been moved from Moirang Police station to the CID crime branch, informed the source.


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