AR rebuttal


IMPHAL, Dec 8: Th Assam Rifles in a release said during the operations conducted in the last 15 days 11 Assam Rifles has seized approximately 1500 Kgs of illegal Ganja amounting to over Rs 50 lakhs. An area domination operation was conducted by the Battalion on 19 Nov 2010 to check the movement of UTLA cadres in Longkaiphun village.

It said it was observed that few people were” passing message through SMS sbout the presence of SF in the area to safely transport gangja. The mobiles were temporarily taken by the security forces to avoid passage of information to the Ganja smugglers.

The operational column nabbed civil porters carrying about 650 Kgs of Ganja near Longkaiphun village. An active cadre of UTLA was also arrested during this operation.

The mobiles were returned to them and receipt was taken from all concerned.

The necessary documents regarding the same are held with the Battalion. The existing UG and drug mafia have compelled the village authorities to give such statements to tarnish the image of security forces and put a check on their operations.


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