Controversy continues to dog three newly inaugurated Ema Keithels


By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Dec 14: Controversies refused to go in the allotment of plots and vendor cards in the three Ima Keithels of Khwairamband bazar which were inaugurated by the Congress president Sonia Gandhi during her visit to the state recently.

A conflict had occurred amongst women vendors yesterday while seat allocation were going on wherein two women were found trying to use duplicate cards at the New Market and another 31trying find vending space with fake cards at Luxmi Market at the time of seat allocation.

Around 200 womenfolk of Khwairamband Nupi Keithel Sinpham Amadi Shaktam Kanba Lup and Khwairamband Nupi Keithel Shemgat Shagat Lup mobbed the Imphal Municipal Council office today at around 1:30 pm demanding a clarification on the issuance of fake and duplicate vendor cards arguing that the cards were issued by the IMC and as such the IMC should be held responsible for the controversy.

Briefing media persons at the IMC compound, K Pakpi, secretary Khwairamband Nupi Keithel Shemgat Shagat Lup demanded stern actions against concerned officials of the IMC with regard to the issue of fake and duplicate cards.

She further announced that until and unless a resolution on the matter of fake vending cards, the two Lups will not be attending their vendors spaces at the three newly inaugurated markets until the IMC made a clarification.

She further appealed to the members of the two associations to come forward in case they have any role in matters related to issuance of fake and duplicate cards.

Further detailing that there has been no such problems in the past while K Ranjit was the PDA chairman in the allocation of the seats or any other issues when temporary sheds were used in the past, she has also declared that the present PDA chairman has totally failed to look after the vendors of the three newly built market sheds.

She also demanded the government to monitor the issuance of card and help in solving the matter so as to thwart any unwanted incidents that may arise out of failure of the government to pacify the already furious women vendors of the three Khwairamband markets.



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