Engineering department SOs demand pay clearance


By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Dec 1: All Manipur Engineering Departments Section Officers’ Coordinating Committee has appeal to the state government for the early clearance of due salaries of the engineering department with the implemented sixth Revised Pay as approved by the state.

RK Brajabihari, convener of the committee during a press briefing today, mentioned that engineering employees has been seriously concerned by the official of the engineering department of the state with the realization that state government has deliberately committed ungraceful downward trend in payment of their salaries till date.

He further mentioned that, degradation/ down gradation of status so planned is what has been quite contrary to the prescribed rules of law and moral conduct, as state government during the pre-revised scale Rs. 5000 –Rs. 8000 pay scal for SO-1 but during the second amendment of state government during 2006 their salaries degraded to Rs. 4500 to Rs 7000 which is equals to SO grade 2 pay scale and this amendment is nothing bu an amendment with sting in its tail with an unpleasantly painful imprint/mark on the corresponding profile the spokesperson added.

Recalling the commitments given by the state government, he further mentioned that state government has given its firm assurance to deliver sixth revised central pay in toto with completion of all calculations of financial involvements by the state finance department by September last, but due to the unprecedented happening in the state like natural calamities, festivals and visiting of central leaders, their ambition to get revised sixth central has not been taken interest by the state till today.

The habit of state government to deliver the demands only after agitations should be stopped, Brajabihari said and appeal government for early payment of salaries with implemented revised central pay before Christmass if the government sincere in avoiding any strike or agitations.


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