MPP demands CM and his cabinet colleagues to declare assets


IMPHAL Dec 9 : The Manipur People’s Party (MPP) has demanded the Chief Minister O Ibobi and the cabinet minister to make public their accumulated wealth.

A press statement by MPP general secretary W.Hemanta stated that according to the directives issued by cabinet secretary KM Chandrasekhar to upload the information to the Prime Minister’s Official web site of the accumulated wealth of all union ministers in a bid to control the rising corruption by elected persons holding high office in the nation, the state elected ministers should also disclose their wealth as per the directive announced November last.

The statement said that Manipur is among the most corrupted states in the country.

The comment of CM O Ibobi in regard to the commemoration day of late MlLA M Ibotombi saying that corruption should be done away in the state should be put into practice as many doubt the words spoken by Ibobi, the statement alleged.

Corruption prevalent in the state affects all the departments and major developmental schemes and the funds which are directed towards the improvement of the public is siphoned to the pockets of the ministers and other officials. it further stated that the APL, BPL rice distribution, oil , kerosine ,sugar among other PDS items have not been distributed by the government effectively.

The counter charges hurled in the regard among the state ministers have even resulted in the public taking their grievances to the Guwahati High Court in the form of a PIL.

Disregarding the directives issued by the court , the state officials still carries on with the corrupt practices whereas the quotas of the minister and other high officials make a substantial extra income from doing away the PDS items for their monitory benefits.

In addition they also get their shares of the NREGS ,IYA schemes and additional profits from the MLA local area development fund and then development in the areas of public health ,road construction ,education ,electricity are more or less ignored.

The elected ministers in their vanity and ill gotten riches made them forget their protocol and flaunt themselves openly as in the inauguration of the Ima markets by showering currency notes at the artists performing on stage.

The MPP will voices dissent on the actions of the ministers and their wanton display of wealth and urges the CM and cabinet ministers to make public their amassed wealth so as to bring a curb to corruption in the state.


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