No fund misuse: PWD CE


IMPHAL, Dec 5: N Lokendro, chief engineer Public Works Department has today clarified that there has been no misuse of any funds sanctioned to the department from the Central government and further added that department has received only Rs 76.96 crore in total from the 12th Finance commission as against the Rs 354 crores reported by one daily newspaper of the state in its today edition.
Speaking at a hurriedly called press conference at his office chamber the chief engineer furthrr clarified that of the Rs 76.96 crore received from the 12th Finance commission, Rs 67.34 crore has already been used in the maintenance of the various inter village roads, other district roads and major road of the state and the utilization of the used amount of funds has already been submitted to the central government.
He further clarified that the department used Rs 19.24 crores each in the years 2006-07, 2007-08 and another Rs 9.62 crores in the year 2008-09 and another Rs 19.24 crores in 2009-10.
He further claimed that the news report stating that a single tour of the works minister cost the department a whooping Rs 1-1.60 lakhs as baseless and unfounded piece of news reporting.
Furthermore he put forward that due to the non-sanctioning of funds by the 13th Finance commission for the maintenance and repairing of the various government department buildings and residential quarters, the department fears that it would not be able to do the same.


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