Tumuyon Khullen


    IMPHAL, Dec 9: The Tumuyon Khullen Village Authority and Tumuyon Khullen Youth Club appealed the State Government and the concerned authorities to immediately execute the repairing work of NH. 39, especially between Tumuyon Khullen village to Senapati district head quarter.
    A statement released by the Tumuyon Khullen Village Authority said that the road remained depressed and deplorable owing to the negligence of the Government. The condition has a serious health concerned for people living within the areas, as dust are enveloping the whole village and the villagers suffering from various diseases.
    It said failure to take immediate remedial measures may cause spreading of epidemic in the areas. At the same time, it also appealed to all concerned to stop looting, kidnapping and extortion within the jurisdiction of the village.


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