UNLF chairman Meghen’s arrest acknowleged; now claimed to have been arrested in Bihar


Women folk on dharna to denounce the silence maintained by Delhi and Dhaka on the status of RK Meghen. Photo Courtesy: Sangai Express
Women folk on dharna to denounce the silence maintained by Delhi and Dhaka on the status of RK Meghen. Photo Courtesy: Sangai Express
IMPHAL, Nov 30: The Union government has finally admitted arresting United National Liberation Front, UNLF, chairman, R.K. Sanayaima alias Meghen, according to a very reliable source.

The news is expected to become official in the next few days.

According to the information, the Bihar DGP has told a television channel that the UNLF leader was arrested at Motihari in Bihar and a case in the regard is registered with the Motihari police station.

The Union government has also acknowledged this, it said.

Meanwhile, coming out hard against the Indian government, Ksh Yoiheiba, senior publicity officer of the proscribed UNLF in a press statement alleged that the centre is afraid to reveal the whereabouts of the outfit’s chairman RK Sanayaima.

Stating that the UNLF leader has a pivotal role in championing the revolutionary movement in the north eastern region and the Indian government apprehensive on the matter had decided to do away with Sanayaima by arresting him and later making him disappear.

Similar incidents can be cited in regard to the ULFA and NDFB chairman, NSCN (IM) leader Ningkhan Simray and DHD activist Niranjai Hojai. The incidents clearly states that the Bangladesh government led by Sheikh Hasina bows down to the whim of India, the UNLF statement said.

Behind the veil of non violence, the nation carries out random acts of terror and the public have been subjugated by the IOF. Countless civilians have disappeared and died at the hands of the security forces granted immunity by the government under the AFSPA . The state terrorism perpetrated by India have been carried out by it’s neighbors and the report mentioned by Tehelka that India have gone rogue is an understatement. The unethical methods have raised doubt whether the UNLF chairman will be brought out alive. Is such a country qualified to become a member of the UN security council, the UNLF questions.

If the Indian nation is truly democratic, then the means of holding a plebiscite to bring an end to the conflict should have been entertained earlier and the whereabouts of UNLF leader Sanayaima should be revealed to the public by the PM or the Home Minister, as it has become public knowledge that Sanayaima is in the custody of the National Investigative Agency at Delhi following revelation of Tehelka Magazine and intimation from Bangladesh Communist Party chairman Mansur Hassan Khan, it added.

Gross violation of human rights perpetrated by India and Bangladesh regarding the forced disappearance of Sanayaima have been addressed by the Amnesty International, the UNLF said in the statement. This has been a success of the public movement highlighting the demands of the Manipuri society against inhuman treatment meted out by the Indian government, the statement said adding the outfit salutes the efforts of the people. The statement further appeals to the public to extend support to the cause of the UNLF and its armed wing, the MPA.


  1. I personaly feel disappointed to head that our meghan was arrested. They are the one who wanted to bring back the real life of meitei in Manipur. I woul like to he is more qualified to become the leader of manipur than our political leader.
    I beleived gov will take some extra effort to resolved this long dispute.

  2. Indian authority should have acted more maturely while handling the case of rebel’s leader. Political solution should be brought out for the ongoing conflicts where common people are sufferring.


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