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Anal tribe recalls sacrifices of forefathers

CHANDEL, Jan 12: Remembering the dedications and sacrifices that was contributed by the heroes of the Anal Naga Community while protecting and upholding the identities of the Anal community, the Anal Naga Tangpi (ANTA), (Anal Naga Union) Chandel observed the Anal Phetha Him Alum (Anal Petroits Day), 2011, today at Unopat village Chandel district under the theme “Be Sober & Vigilant 1st Peter 5:8”.
The formal observation of the Anal Petha Him Alum at Unopat village, Chandel district was initiated with the unveiling of the Souvenir monument by the chief guest HB Ruwngkhel, Dy. Kilonser Finance GPRN, (NSCN-IM) this morning.
In the meantime, HB Ruwngkhel, Dy. Kilonser Finance GPRN, (NSCN-IM) in his speech during the observations drew the attention of the modern Anal youth to maintain their good disciplines and characters to up hold the true identities of the aged old Anal traditions which have been protected till today by those heroes, and time has come for every Anal youths to follow the footpath and spirit of dedication that have been made by those forefather in order to uphold and protect the identities of the community which at present is known internationally.
In the meantime, TS Warngam, former president ANTA, in his presidential speech recalled the legendry acts of heroism that was made by those Anal leaders of the past which has enable the Anal community to hold a unique platform of its popular identities throughout the world.
Initially during the opening session of the observation Wng. Kohring Victor, president Anal tribe released a booklet entitled “Anal Hlaphu” written by PS Ruwngshel Anal and published by Anal Hoho Dimapur.
On the other hand during the observation of Anal Phetha Him Alum (Anal Petroits Day), 2011, today many members from chief associations, Anal women association, students representatives, made their deliberations about the unity, love and honours in the Anal society.
As part of the observations, the Thungcheng youth and cultural club presented Anal cultural dance as well as many Anal top singers presented Anal songs, folk songs and music.
The observation was attended by about one thousand villagers belonging to Anal community at Chandel district including chiefs, pastors, students, women unions etc.

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