Board of Secondary Education Manipur (BSEM) chairman shot dead in office, staff fail to report crime to police


IMPHAL, Jan 11: In a shocking gun related incident today inside the high security zone between the Chief Minister’s bungalow and police headquarters, the chairman of the Board of Secondary Education Manipur Dr Naorem Kunjabihari, 60, s/o late Chaoba of Singjamei Naorem Sobha Leikai was shot dead inside his office chamber by unknown assailants at around 3:30 pm.
Staff of the office revealed that a meeting was today convened at around 11 am at the BSEM office, after which the chairman had entered his chamber to rest for a while.
They also stated that after the meeting ended most staff of the office had gone out and the office premise was thereby a little deserted.
This being the case the office staff were unable to identify or resist the assailants, they said.
On the other hand family members while speaking to mediapersons at the RIMS hospital where the dead body of the chairman is presently kept, stated that the staff of the department informed them that the chairman suffered a heart attack and even failed to informed the police even though the department is located inside a high security zone, with the police HQ immediately next door.
It may be mentioned that the chairman was shot twice with one bullet hitting his right chest and another bullet found lodged in his right arm.
The family members further added that the police came to know of the incident only after the dead body was taken to the RIMS morgue, while the family members came to know of the chairman being shot dead only after reaching the hospital.
They further added that the victim Dr Naorem Kunjabihari used to serve as the council secretary for around five years before he was appointed as the chairman of the BSEM some three months back only.
Other than some controversies regarding his appointment as the chairman of the BSEM there has been no animosity whatsoever with anyone or threats from any quarters, the family members further claimed.
N Birendra, brother of the victim has sought clarification from the assailants and has further requested all concerned parties to come forward and clarify the reason behind the killing of his brother.
He has further indicated the family suspect involvement of some staff of the department in the murder.
Meanwhile the police confirmed they were unable to examine the dead body at the crime spot as the staff of the department failed to report the crime to the police.
Police further said they came to know of the crime only after the body has been removed to the hospital.
However after receiving the news of the killing, the police have started a spot inquiry late in the evening and have locked the office chamber of the late chairman of the BSEM.
Meanwhile, MLA Langthabal, O Joy in a telephonic conversation with IFP stated that as soon as he received the news of the killing he visited the family members of the victim at the RIMS hospital. While strongly condemning the violent act, he has further strengthened the family’s suspicion of an office insider’s hand in the killing of the chairman.
He further maintained that he had himself filed a petition to the Chief Minister of Manipur recommending Dr N Kunjabihari as the most appropriate candidate according to the R/R for the appointment as the chairman of the Board and also added that having served as the council secretary for five years, Dr N Kunjabihari was appropriate for the appointment to the post.
The senior opposition member further elaborated that during the time of Dr N Kunjabihari’s appointment as the Board chairman, numerous people had threaten him asking him to take extra precautions incase he is appointed as the chairman. Further talking on the phone, he also professed his strong suspicion, that the killing could be related with some staffs of the department who might be interested in the post of chairman of the board.
According to late information, public of Singjamei Naorem Leikai angered by the killing of the BSEM chairman has blocked the NH 39 around the Singjamei Naorem leikai area since 6:30 pm today evening and will be organizing a public meeting on January 12 morning at around 7:30 am decrying the killing.

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