Condolence Message for Fr. John Med by DON BOSCO IMPHAL – ALUMNI ASSOCIATION


Fr John Med
Fr John Med

The past students of Don Bosco School, Imphal joins thousands of others around the world in expressing extreme grief and sorrow at the sad demise of one of the most loved personalities to have ever graced the school, Fr. John Med, SDB, who left for his heavenly abode at 10:15 am on the morning of the 25th of January, 2011 at Imphal. Born on 13 April 1916 in the erstwhile Czechoslovakia, presently Czech Republic, Fr. John Med left his family and friends, who lived constantly under the oppressive regimes of the Nazis and the Red Army, to share God’s love with the poor and the underprivileged at the age of 18. He made his first profession on 31 July 1934 and was ordained a Priest on 7 January 1943.
Fr. John Med had very close ties and emotional bonding with the people of Manipur. He came to Manipur in 1978 at Don Bosco Imphal and till his last breath he was serving the people of Manipur by supporting the education of some 900 children all over Manipur through donations from his family and friends in his country of origin – the Czech Republic. He was also the founder and builder of Don Bosco Senapati and Maram. His multifaceted personality of being an exceptional educator, administrator, and musician not only charmed his students but also educated them to become responsible citizens. In his death, we have lost a friend, philosopher and guide. And to the hundreds of children he was directly supporting, he was no less than a Saint. May his soul rest in peace in heaven.


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  1. When British invaded and marauded Kangleipak with sheer arrogant might they had also insinuated covertly so many people’s mind in be-fooling to veil their ruthless endeavor and some way to cover up their own images.If in true sense,any individual bother and have empathy for the welfare of the people,he or she will never try to influence or impose which is directly based on quite apparent in the case of British colonial or imperialistic design that world had seen past history!Its totally a Pyrrhic and full of farce for a sensible man!I can see deep inside a devil,malignant intentions in his eyes!

  2. I was able to see Fr John Med recently when I visited Senapati, a village in Manipaur. My husband was a student in his first class in that village in 1977, and he is now a doctor in the United States. His name is Dr Kamal Gurung. If it had not been for Fr John, Kamal would not have received the education needed to reach his potential and become a doctor. I had heard so many fond stories of Fr John and wanted to visit him in the hospital, as I know he touched and impacted many people throughout his life. I feel very lucky to have met him, and thank him very much for the sacrafices he made to serve others. Please watch over us from Heaven, Fr John, and help us to live by your example. Rest in peace.

    -Kristy Twait Gurung, and Dr Kamal Gurung

  3. ‘He was a man who filled with compassion n care. He was true, just and fair, His love none could measure,whose memories we will always treasure.
    Lovingly remem…by
    Rowland Riveo


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