Governor’s message


    IMPHAL, Jan 26: The Governor of Manipur, Gurbachan Jagat greets the people of Manipur on the occasion of 62nd Republic Day celebration of our Country on Wednesday January 26.
     His greetings  recalled that on this occasion in 1950 the people of India gave ourselves a constitution and declared India a soverign, secular and democratic republic to shape its own destiny.
    Republic day is a day when we salute, remember and express our gratitude to our valiant freedom fighters, both known and many more unknown, who made supreme and selfless sacrifices in the long freedom struggle, and learned and distinguished statesmen who had framed our constitution.
    The day also reminds us of the added responsibility and opportunity to make our country stronger and more prosperous. It has been predicted that the 21 century is the century of Asia and our country must strive to be one of the leaders towards fulfillment of this prediction, the greeting said.


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