Lanlingnung Kabui remembered


IMPHAL, Jan 8: The 49th Death Anniversary of D. Lanlingnung Kabui popularly known as Kokadan Tomba was jointly observed by the Kabui Dharma Sabha Manipur and Kokadan Dalon Kabui village, Loktak project in Churachandpur district on January 6 as per the tradition of the Kabui.
The observation which was attended by the president of Kabui Dharma Sabha, Manipur, D Lungpuijei as chief guest and presided over by the Khullakpa, (village chief) of Kokadan Dalon Kabui village performed traditional offering of wine (Yupan Thaba) and giving of floral tribute to the funeral ground of late D. Lanlingnung Kabui, at Kokadan Dalon kabui village, Loktak Project.
In the meantime, D Lungpuijei, while inaugurating the observation mentioned that the Kabui community is one of the ethnic groups of the state with its sown identity, culture, customs and having the potentials of dedications. On the other hand despite of having these peculiar character, the failure of the present kabui generation to hunt for the footsteps of the various renown and popular kabui elders will tend towards the degradation of the community, and it has become a encouraging to the affords that have been made by the activists of Kabui Dharma Sabha who have been started for to follow the footsteps taken up by the various popular and intellectuals of the Kabui elders at present.
In the meantime, D Lungpuijei Kabui in his presidential speech recalled the selfless contributions of the late D. Langlingnum Kabui regarding the development of Kabui traditions and culture being a popular maiba (traditional medicine man) of those days.
He further mentioned that the late D. Langlingnum Kabui was also a member of the Darbar during the reign of Churachand Maharaja who honored him with Khamen Chatpa (custom) by the then Maharaja, which is regarded as one of the highest reward from the king.
He further mentioned that, D. Langlingnum Kabui during his lifetime produced many traditional Kabui songs which includes ‘Da Ballu (Yu Hongba) during 1930, Tarang Kai (Ahongba Yum Saba) during 1940,  Da Lappui Kai, 1953, Da Hoi Kai, duringa 1961. he also mentioned that the Kabui Dharma Sabha, Manipur will not take such person as an ordinary person and as such the Sabha is organizing the anniversary observation.
The observation concluded with the speeches on D. Langlingnum Kabui from some of his contemporaries who have survived till now.

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