Leaders’ Meet convened; JAC warns of further agitation in Kunjabihari case


IMPHAL, Jan 29: Various civil society organizations, students’ bodies and JAC against the killing of Kunjabihari, as a part of a five resolutions taken during a meet held today against the killing of Kunjabihari at MDU hall Imphal, unanimously resolved to launch one of the most intensive forms of agitation from February 9, if the Government fail to fulfill the charters of demands of the JAC by February 8.
The meet under the banner ‘leaders’ meet against the killing Dr. Kunjabihari’ was organized by the JAC form against the killing of Kujabihari. The meet was attended by Thounaojam Iboyaima, popularly known as the father of social workers, RK. Rajendra, former member Manipur Human Right Commission (MHRC), retired professor, N. Sadananda, N. Binoy president Senior Citizen Society Manipur and JAC chairman Naorem Ibohalbi.
Altogether 28 civil society organizations and student bodies including DESAM, AMUCO, MEELAL, KSA, AMSU, MSF, UCM etc. took part in the meet.
The various civil bodies and students’ bodies present in the meet pledge their full support to all the decision taken by the JAC in connection with the killing.
The gathering also unanimously agreed to demand the Government to produce the culprit involved in the killing of Kunjabihari with the weapon used and full evidence by February 8. At the same time, during the period the gathering agreed to monitor every move of the Government in connection with the killing, it further resolved.
The meet also resolved to relax temporarily the ban imposed on Board of Secondary Education by JAC in the interest of the students’ communities and peoples by February 1 (after the Asthi of the victim).
In case of failure of the government to fulfill the charter of demands put up by the JAC by February 8, the meet further resolved to intensify their agitation the following day.
Earlier before adopting the resolution the presidium members and organization present also gave deliberate speech in finding a solution to ensure justice to the killing of Kunjabihari.
While addressing the gathering Iboyaima, known as father of social worker, observed that most of the JACs today easily compromised themselves with money and hinted that the July 23 killing was such an issue ending in a distorted way. Further he appealed not to comprise an issue for vested interest.
He noted that the situation in the state is like waging war amongst each other and asserted that if the trend continues the people of Manipur will come to extinction. Moreover he termed the killing of an intellectual who is an asset of the state, as one of the most mindless act.
According to RK Rajendra, former member MHRC, all who are fighting for justice in the killing must mount pressure and demand clarification of the motive behind the killing from the party involved.
RK Rajendra further proposed the need to hand over the investigation to an independent agency like the National Investigation Agency (NIA) adding the prevailing situation in the state has arisen out of corruption, he observed.
While condemning the killing at the strongest term, N. Binoy in his speech mentioned that it is not Kunjabihari being killed but his chair. He also stressed the need to apprise the central leaders of the conspiracy surrounding the killing.
Retired Professor, N. Sadananda, termed the incident as murder of democracy and education system of the state adding he observed such act as a glaring example of the failed education system of the state.


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