Massive March to Parliament


IMPHAL, Jan 27: The All India Trade Union Congress has taken a new turn having reached a takeoff point. A historic opportunity has opened up as never before in the last 63 years of Independent India.

According to an official release of the union the induction of most trade unions including INTUC in the joint forum of the trade unions and the involvement of a large number of unaffiliated unions has really created an unprecedented opportunity intensifying the resistance of the working people against the neo-colonial economic policy of the Government

It further mentioned that, a new swing is in the offing in relation to price rice and corruption, as the union is taking into consideration issues that are important in the national focus like unbridled price rise and menacing corruption and the latest, the skyrocketing of the price of onion, and nearly all vegetables in the country. It is not only natural calamity that has accentuated the food price inflation.

The liberalized market economy has made it exactly free for all, free for the traders, made stockpiling easy, hoarding possible. The liberalization initiated by the government had released in full fury the pernicious speculation, playing havoc with the society. The Government restrains itself from effectively intervening, lest the free play of market forces suffers aberrations. The freedom of the market economy has recklessly been abused by the traders and corporate while the government remains a silent spectator.

It has further charged the failure of the union government leading to the improper implementations of the programmes for the plight of Kishans & Agriculture workers as the union government, in fact, has mismanaged the whole economy, failed to promote agriculture, provide easy bank credit to the farmers and ensure reasonable prices. The crisis of agriculture gravely depicts the miserable failure of the government to sustain the agricultural prices, protect the full self sufficiency the food sovereignty of the country. While government failed to curb prices, it is, in fact, taking one after another steps to ignite further the market. The point in question is repeatedincrease in the prices of petroleum products. In the recent period there has been repeated increase. Inceaseant price rise has made peoples life miserable, overwhelming majority of the population has become the merciless victim of greed for supper profit.

In view of the some of the backgrounds the very trade union have decided to further intensify the struggle by raising the slogan ‘Delhi Chalo’ on February 23 next month, and a huge rally of lakhs of working people is being planned. There is no proposal to meet the Prime Minister only a petition to the Speaker will be submitted.

I is also further mentioned that,all round preperations are going in every state by the state Committee of AITUC, the industrial federations as well as independent union, so also by the other constituent central TUs to mobilize the maximum number of participations to theMarch to Parliament. It is expected that atleast 1000 wotking men and women will take part from theNorth East, despite the distance being too much. However,from all over thecountry, a few lakhs of workers, organized as well as unorganizedwill take part in this unique March to Parliament on February next month, the release added.

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