NSCN (IM) claims its sight is on solution

    IMPHAL, Jan 6: The GPRN, NSCN (IM) has been looking for the kind of solution of their national issue that has been ensured.
    Mentioning this, a statement of GPRN, NSCN (IM) signed by its Kilo Kilonser Rh Raising, Ministry of Kilo Affairs GPRN while extending new years greeting to all has mentioned that, “all the living beings groan for salvation”. Every individual and family thirst for salvation and every nation are also looking for salvation. Can Nagas say that 2010 is the year of salvation? If the answer is no, then Nagas have wasted their labor, energy, time and money in that year. Do Nagas see salvation/future in the year 2011? A day or a year without the hope of future is a lost day or year. Politically speaking, we Nagas have been working for the politics to salvage our future.
    The statement further recalled that, the Israel people were in slavery for more than 400 years until they became political. Their political exodus began when they were awakened and inspired by the spirit of `my people`. Moses of old was nobody in history until he met the Lord at Mt. Sinai. He became an extraordinary figure only when he equipped himself with `the Spirit of my Lord and my people`. The same principle applies to the Nagas.
    It is also mentioned that, the world never sleeps neither does it stay put. But it keeps on moving forward day in day out, year in year out. Time and tide too ever moves without ceasing. Everything and every living being move with the moving world. Man grows through the law of biological revolution within. Society like organism grows through social revolution. People and nations rise through political revolution. We believe in the doctrine that we will be transformed into heavenly being through spiritual revolution.
    Slavery is never the destiny of man who is created to be free for a future. The prime objective of life is liberation from all forms of bondages. In history we find a nation subdued by the other. We also find subdued people who, by dint of political spirit in them broke the four walls of slavery and came out of it like a chicken that conies out of the shell. It is also found that human civilization has taken giant leaps from the stage of cave man to the agricultural stage, from the agricultural stage to the industrial stage and it has now reached computer stage through revolution. Like it or not revolution is not a choice, it is the law of change for the higher order. This law applies in all fields if we are to grow into the fullest.
    People and nations rise when they are political and they descend to downfall when their political spirit falls. The Naga nation is highly in need of political people, political generations, political organizations and political state in order to land up to the higher plane. A society moves forward when mindset of the people are regenerated and revived through revolutionary spirit the statement added.
    Their political compass tells us to look forward for our future lies in there. All the free people are forward looking people, all the great men of the world are forward looking people and all the millionaires and billionaires are also forward looking people. It Is pertinent to recall the story of Lot whom the Lord commanded, “Don`t look back”.
    And hope 2011 is the year of salvation for the Nagas. Let us rise and move forward together for our common future and never look back. Wishing you all a Happy and prosperous New Year the statement added.

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