Republic Day boycott


    IMPHAL, Jan 21: Manipur People`s Liberation Front (MPLF), an umbrella organisation of the Manipur based proscribed militant outfits including UNLF, RPF/PLA and PREPAK has called a state wide bandh on January 26 to boycott the Republic Day celebration.

    The MPLF in a statement today said that the state of Manipur enjoyed the experience of a duly elected, self governed and self dependent government under the Manipur State Constitution Act, 1948. “However, India have forcibly annexed Manipur in 1949 and its Republic Day celebration is being observed in the state every year since 1951 which is nothing but an attempt to suppress all the indigenous communities to put us forever under colonial subjugation which ought to be recapitulated, pondered upon and analysed by the people.

    The umbrella body of the three groups further said that such constitution, colonial in character being enforced upon our land has turned a complete cycle of 61 years. “However, even today, India’s Constitution, not to speak of safeguarding the rights of the people have failed even to protect the basic human rights of ‘right to life’ and the Government of India has continued the policy of ‘divide et impera’ (divide and rule) among various communities of Manipur,” it alleged.

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