RIMS appeal for a disturbance free zone


IMPHAl, Jan, 29: The staffs of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal and thousands of patients as well are perturbed by the killings of persons inside or around the campus of the institute every now and then.
According to a release of the Media adviser RIMS, one such killing took place on Friday night. This is not the first time that killing someone is taking place here. RIMS strongly condemned such violence inside the campus.
The release also further mentioned that, it is not only a hospital but also a medical college where students from several states are studying. When bloodsheds are there the hospital atmosphere is spoilt and minds of the medical students and other staff are naturally disturbed. In this context Dr S. Sekharjit, the Director of RIMS has made an earnest appeal to one and all not to disturb the congenial atmosphere of the hospital cum medical college with such violent incidents. When killings take place on the campus the medical students and the staff are mentally affected since these may vitiate the academic atmosphere the release added.


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