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Victims form JAC against Mithuna Traders scam

IMPHAL Jan 10: A joint action committee has been instituted by the victims falling prey to the Mithuna Traders scam. The JAC appeals to the concerned authorities to take up necessary action in the regard and to arrest the culprits involved.
A press statement by Haji Arafat Ali, the convener of the JAC states that many customers had paid in advance with the hope of arranging dowry items for the family members, and even weddings have been put off after the frauds made off with more than Rs 10 crores of the customers deposited money.
The JAC also appealed to the public to extend their co operation by informing the police regarding persons involved in the racket or by contacting the JAC on mobile number 9856133807. The convener, Arafat Ali also disclosed to having leads to the culprits after investigating the matter and named one Md Ithem and Md Dullu as the local abettors to the crime.
It may be mentioned that Mithuna Traders opened shop at Minuthong Telepati Road promising to deliver household items at a 45 percent discount. The scam was operated by one K Muthu Raman and his con men and after collecting a huge sum, absconded the shop on January 2.
The con men put up shop in the residential building of one Haji Sabir ans Haji Samu and rented even a godown for storing their wares.
As the shop failed to open on January 3, irate customers mobbed the shop and tried to vandalize it, but timely arrival of police prevented the mob from causing any damage. A case has been registered to the police in regard to the scam and the shop and godown remain closed as per police investigation proceedings.

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