Zeliangrong students’ unions decry government apathy towards Tamei region


IMPHAL, Jan 28: Tamei area reels under untold miseries in all aspect due to apathy of the concerned authority said the All Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Manipur and Zeliangrong Students’ Union.
A joint statement issued by the AZSU and ZSU, Manipur said that they had jointly visited Tamei areas during the month of January 24to 27, 2011 in connection with the present condition of society, education, road, transport and communication, etc. it said during the visit, 26 of 32 village Chairmen and Secretaries of the area were met and had wider discussion with regards to development During the visit the team found the road stretching Imphal – Tamei in deplorable condition which has long been so in the past many years back.
It alleged that the PWD knows the pathetic condition of this road and even they had visited and enquired but the department never tries to take up necessary measures to repair the road. The villagers have no choice but only to contribute money from their daily wages of MGNREGS and repair the said road. Money amounting to Rs 5000/ each was collected from the villages which have more households and Rs 3000/- each from the villages with fewer households. Moreover, the Dogra Regiment, posted at Tamei area, also pressed into service in clearing landslides by sending their personnel and engaging one Bull-Dozer.
Further it claimed that the Union as reported by one Hodin Newmai, vice-Chairman, Tamei, that “since Awangbou’s defeat in the election, PDS sugar supplies came only once in the month of December 10, 2010″.
He further stated that S.K. oil was sold at high rate at Rs 35 per litre. After a while PDS rice and sugar supplies were ceased to distribute in the aftermath of the ADC election. According to one L.K. Kengtelou, Chairman, Aling Khundong village, “there were only four teachers engaged in teaching for more than 150 students in their Primary School”. Lungsongomang, Chairman, Dikuiram village also stated that “no school buildings and proper furnitures were available despite enough strength of teachers and students in the area”.
Khangwibon, Chairman, Makuinong village also reported to the Union that “in the UJB school, only one teacher is engaged in teaching for 60 students and the village has been declared as ‘school less village’ during the time of T.Pamei, former D.C. Tamenglong”.
So many similar instances of such miseries were reported to the Union by the Chairmen and Secretaries of the area during the visit but if these were to report everything in details it may fully occupy whole pages of the local dailies, it said.
The Union is not intended to approach to the government of Manipur for any sort of assistance for development but this is just to make the general public aware about the actual condition of the area, maintained the statement added the release. 


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