Thabal Chongba announcement by Manipur Students Assiociation, Pune

Manipur Students Association Pune

Reference No.: P/MSAP001771/2011                                                                             Date: 16/02/2011 

Dear Kanglaonline Daily,  

I, on behalf of the Manipuri Student Association, Pune would like to publish to our one an only newspaper for this exciting Programme in outside Manipur which we can explore our Culture & Tradition to the world that we have rich Integrity and Cultures.  

One Good News for all Manipuri who are residing and studying in Pune that we are Organizing “THABAL CHONGBA” on 20th February (Sunday), 2011 at 1700 – 2300 Hours at the Rabindranath Tagore Primary School, Old Modi Khana Near YMCA, Pune – 01 which would be one of the most Exciting fun in Pune ever !!!!!!!!! 

We cordially invite to all Manipuri who are residing and studying in Pune and also looking forward to see on this Most Exciting Gathering Day for Manipuris in Pune. 

SPOCs’ for THABAL CHONGBA as (Service Point of Contact): 

Urikhimbam Jenison Singh – # +91 – 957 – 994 – 2482 (Social & Culture Secretary) 

Raji-ur-Rahman                    – # +91 – 992 – 116 – 1441 

Okram Unindro Singh           – # +91 – 770 – 922 – 8672 


Venue Details: 

Venue       : The Rabindranath Tagore Primary School, Old Modi Khana Near YMCA,  

Pune – 01 (RTPS Ground, Quarters Gate) 

Date       : Sunday the 20th February, 2011  

Time         : 1700 – 2300 Hours  

Landmark   : Near YMCA Church, Quarters Gate  

Yours Sincerely, 

Md. Raees Ahamed. 


The Manipuri Student Association, Pune (M.S.A.P). 

The above press release was sent to Kanglaonline by M.S.A.P.



  1. @Dear Khuman our comments are becoming more and more complex but its nice to share my thoughts and opinion with you though we have completely different views on this.
    Its not easy to ignore and not to ponder on your comments either.
    I never though some of us has a good reason to not like the very idea of thabal.
    I agree with all ypur points but calling thabal chongba a “cheap thrill” really strikes a chord in me.
    You are pointing out all the downright ugly things happening in our society.
    Why more and more people started working and settling in other states?
    The truth is we common people have very less choice to contribute and try to bring a change in our society. If given a chance everybody wants to come back and lead a wonderful life. Please accept the ground truth, not everyone is brainy to give the competitive exams, not rich enough to mingle with the corruption system nor does everyone have a gun to fight back. You may want me to stop here and stop digging further because you are already aware of this. For me (a below average in academic, average financial condition) I think I will work hard here and earn as much as I can till I can buy a decent job back home, till I can feed our UG’s mouth with my hard earn money. Till then I can’t do anything to patch the holes on the wall.

    I am luck to think this way. We may understand the root cause of our problems but there are certain age groups where we don’t listen to anyone. “I am never wrong” kind of attitude…for them no matter how hard you try, they will slip out anyhow.

    They are living in the city without their guardians. Why can’t we just be easy with them and mentor them as a good friend? Instead of doing unwanted things hiding behind their parents back why not let them dance their heart out in the open once a year? This is not a solution but I strongly feel its not a bad alternative either.

    By the way I heard the thabal in Pune was a success. Peaceful, followed the rules of authority, well mannered, everyone has forgotten their caste creed and come together like one.

    • Dear Nenemacha,
      Very nice thought!! I got little bit nostalgic and I was just remembering my college days in late 90’s. I belong to a very strict family and was never allowed to go to any thabal chongba. Sometimes, I managed to go to some of thabal parties without letting my dad know about it.
      I vividly remember one day when I was trapped in a difficult situation. I return after thabal at around 1.30 AM and sleep around 2.15 AM. At around 4.30, my father awoken me up to clear a truckload of bricks and arrange it properly at another place. Only I could understand how long the morning was 🙂

      Well, I was full of resentment and stubborn notions. Be it with my dad, my bro, my teacher, I thought I was always right :).
      But, when I look back, I wish I was allowed to more thabal chongbas :). That was also a part of our tradition unless people don’t cross the line in the name of thabal party.

    • I love your middle path.No harm!Clashes will be there….

      But please do not generalize everything every time…Kangleipak is asking us to be specific and creative.

  2. Dear M.S.A.P,
    Commendable job for aliving our culture in Pune,
    I missed your programme on sunday,20th Feb,2011 due to some commitments here in Mumbai.I have not attended any thabal chongba since 2001in Manipur.It has been a vivid memory and now i want to recollect those memories again by attending those programme.These coming yaosang,I am unable to go home also.So, I am requesting M.S.A.P to please organised one more programme here in Mumbai if possible in the coming days.
    Love to hear your reply.


  3. ******* sha ….can’t u past a proper link…
    we r not able 2 find d address (The Rabindranath Tagore Primary School, Old Modi Khana Near YMCA, Pune – 01 ) in google map nor in google earth… don’t u know any proper landmark near by…. ****** mirem sha…

    [Comment edited by KO Admin: Please avoid using bad words in public forum and air your views responsibly.]

  4. Is this so important?Fun,is it?
    Joke here
    It would have been good for all the singhs here to organize some bhangarah than thbal thongba.Punjabi must be confused a lot these days of foolish kanglei!

      • Nene macha of Great Mumbai,dont be confused,save it for some other days…True that there is no news or any good activities being organized or reported by our compatriots other than cheap thrill or wrongly redefined thabal chongba!Do some science seminars,some social interaction based on present scenario..or something that brings young mind innovative.This not all encouraging.

        • Khuman you sound like my school headmaster. Looks like we are hosted on different server! Though we may have different mindset, both of us know the situations in Manipur and Manipuri youths today. We can’t deny the facts that WE ARE entertainment starve. Our society is deprived of entertainment since when, you know that.
          Organizing Thabal once a year is not bad, you call that a cheap thrill buddy? Where do you think we should go and have fun in Manipur? No theater, no restaurant, no garden, no electricity, what to wear what not to wear…the only thrill left is from DRUG?

          Think about the large number of youths who are studying/working outside the state. Don’t you think this is a treat for them? I can’t say I encourage Thabal but I think they deserve it. C’mon they need some space.

          seminar, quiz, debate ….all these are happening in their educational inst. but not thabal chongba. You can’t expect to have only the four walls and ceiling to make us warm in winter we need windows to avoid suffocation. Yam lanlabro eina haise?

          • But you didnt give the clear reasons for inferring the needs in creating your “windows” stuffs.

            Most of the points and issues we try to tackle with obvious reasons instead of through thought and understanding(cliche like reasoning).

            Are you blaming something else?If we dont have the reason and dare to solve the issue than we’re also not entitled to entertain so called “entertainment” too.There is no point to arguing in this regard.

            We all know that deficit factors in Kangleipak isnt entertainment.We need to encourage in all sort a kind of impetus for awareness(you name it).

            Hence we dont need to encourage such things as procreation oe in the name of entertainment comes just followed by if do our duties well and well in time…no need to make windows as we have whole house full of holes…Anyway you dint say anyhting bad too.Good!

          • Gyanneshwor gaiduro Khumman se….. Dude, let them do what they want, either it be thabal or maibi jagoi. what is that to you? Big talks…… instead of sitting at leipung and giving comments what they are doing is good or bad, do something good yourself. Instead of criticizing that thabal at pune is bad or not, why dont you do the Science Seminar instead of leipung phamba?

          • I totally agree with you, Cyril Lyric .

            Mapham kudinggi marei yettougi hekta leiramme…allu-gi type ta.

            Leipung di fazana phamamdou malle, khongbidi fazana chouram dou malle….(**,)

  5. Hope Manipuris from other cities are in welcome too 🙂

    If you intend to use a loud speaker, please make sure to make an application to the concerned authority. I think it’s allowed only till 10. pm. We should abide by it to avoid unwanted incident.

    Cheers Koutharase!


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