APSCS cautions authority for proper maintenance of DM College campus


IMPHAL, Feb 22: The Association of Premier State College Senior (APSCS) spoke up on its utter dismay over the construction works being carried on, however brought to a sudden halt apparently owing to the objection of Students Union of DM Colleges of Science, Arts and Commerce.
The statement of the association mentioned that, such a hasty plan executed in the DM college green compound in an unplanned manner ignoring the huge potential for bringing a University in the near future will only help to bring about degradation of the reputed institution of the East.
The statement further mentioned that, they found no reason in not taking cognizance of the state Unions`™ statement issued in the local dailies highlighting objectionable manner with which the work has been carried on. In the fitness of things involving academic atmosphere and intellectual growth of a state, it will be proper of the matter be brought in the public domain. For that reason, the College Authorities,  and Students Unions of the DM College Wings guarding these old institutes, the  citadel of Higher Education of the state as the custodians should be taken into confidence to the cognate association Like DM College Alumni, the DM College Alumni Forum and APSCS should also be heard.
The statement further mentioned that, it is always the desire and wish of the APSCS that each premier state college remains unique and distinct and all the approaches to and steps taken by the authorities are subservient to these ends.
The statement further mentioned that, materialistic frenzy often having lots of floundering features in the state shouldn`™t be allowed to practice under any circumstances.
In the light of the aforesaid background it will be appropriate if such a construction work should be executed with due planning of the specialists in the field, the statement added.


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