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AZSU blames government and anti socials for dev deficit in Tamenglong

IMPHAL, Feb 11: The Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland (AZSU, AMN) has excoriated that the Tamenglong District is reeling under acute scarcity of development in all aspect due to negligence from the part of the Government and interference of vested interest individuals.
A statement issued by the AZSU-AMN, signed by its president Pamei Tingenlung, while describing Tamenglong as one of the most backward districts in the state, reeling under acute scarcity of development in all aspects including social, religious and economics induced by deplorable transport and communication system.
It said that since India’s independence, six decades had passed with no remarkable development seen in the district due to the presence of various anti-social elements and negligence on the part of the Government. It maintained that whenever any development package is to be implemented in the district the public makes a hue and cry for the development.
It is high time for the general public to rethink with the public interest without giving any room for such anti-social activities, it appealed adding it termed disrupting of any development activities directly or indirectly is a total contravention of the larger interest of the Zeliangrong community and posing a potential threat to it.
Citing an example the AZSU noted that construction work of road stretching Tamenglong to halflong was aborted due to self-egoistic individuals trying to bargain at their own personal whimsy.
At the same time it claimed that crores of rupees have been sanctioned under the North Eastern Council (NEC) for construction of road from Tamei-Tamenglong stretch. Some organization are intended to give hindrances this time too, by taking over the said construction work from the concerned implementing agency and the former would definitely be ready to hand it over.
It warned that the students’ union and public will not remain a silent spectator but join hands to intervene and counteract such anti-social elements to safeguard the larger public interest.



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