BJP claims Congto be masters of scams


IMPHAL, Feb 23: Reacting to the recent statement of SPF spokesperson N Biren, the BJP Manipur Pradesh has stated that the Congress led SPF government has been involved in various multi-crore scams and there are enough evidences to prove them.
Addressing a press conference today at the head-office of BJP Manipur Pradesh, the state vice-president Prof Tiken said that the BJP has already divulged various multi-crore scams under the SPF government such as phumdi clearance project at Loktak Lake, primary teachers`™ recruitment and road development projects in a report book titled `Loot in the North-East`. The said report on various scams in the North-East under the Congress regime has been submitted to the President of India by a high-level national committee of BJP led by its president Nitin Gadkari, he noted.
He further maintained that the statement of SPF spokesperson claiming the graft charges of the government could not be proved by the BJP is quite ridiculous as the matter of corruption of the Congress government has become an open secret and there are sufficient documents to testify the charges.
The state secretary of BJP (media affairs), L Bashanta stated if spokesperson Biren feels that BJP is raising false allegations against SPF government on phumdi clearance project, he should immediately clarify as to how the contract for the said project has been awarded to K-Pro Infra Works Private Limited, New Delhi, during the financial year 2008-09 when the said company came into existence only in June 2009.
Further, the vice-president Prof Tiken maintained that the Congress Party has lost the Konthoujam bye-election due to its growing unpopularity, but instead of realizing this fact the SPF spokesperson Biren gave satirical comments manifesting the highhandedness of the Congress ministers and MLAs.
Dwelling on the achievements made by the BJP led NDA government at the Centre, Tiken stated that the DoNER Ministry as well as Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR) were set up during the tenure of NDA government for  the development and welfare of northeastern region. Moreover, the inclusion of Manipuri language in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution was also made possible by the BJP and not by any other political party, he noted.
Various projects which are now put into action by the Congress led SPF government were once initiated by the NDA government for the development of the state. There is nothing new about Congress led UPA government at the Centre and SPF government at the state, the vice-president added.
The state general secretary of BJP, Kshetri Brajamani stated that the BJP has been blamed by the Congress Party for the occurrence of June 18 incident of 2001. The then Prime Minister Atal Bihari had made a mistake by including the clause `without territorial limit` in the Indo-Naga Cease-Fire Agreement, but soon he withdrew the clause in the interest of the people of Manipur. Later, Atal Bihari made it clear that there would be no alteration in the territorial integrity of North-East until unless there is political consensus on the matter, he noted.
The BJP has been working for the people of the state even if it has no MLA or MP. The national leaders of the party are very much concerned of the issues of the state and they have taken up the issues in the Parliament, Brajamani stated.
There is no way out for the corrupt leaders of Congress Party. The graft charges of the SPF government will soon come under the hands of investigative agencies, the general secretary asserted.


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