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British PM urges move to civilian, democratic rule in Egypt

LONDON, Feb 12 (AFP): British Prime Minister David Cameron has said Egypt must “move towards civilian and democratic rule” after president Hosni Mubarak quit following days of mass protests.
Speaking after what he described as a “remarkable day”, Cameron said Egypt now had a “really precious moment of opportunity to have a government that can bring the country together”.
“We believe it must be a government that starts to put in place the building blocks of a truly open, free and democratic society,” he said.
“Of course what has happened today should only be the first step.
“Those who now run Egypt have a duty to reflect the wishes of the Egyptian people, and in particular there really must be a move to civilian and democratic rule as part of this important transition to an open, democratic and free Egypt.”
He added that “as a friend of Egypt and the Egyptian people we stand ready to help in any way that we can”.



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