Editorial – Precursor of 2012 General Election


Leader Writer: Hrishikesh Angom
With just about one year left for the current 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly to complete its full term, the Konthoujam bye-election may be considered as “crucial” in view of the next general election likely to be held in the early months of 2012. The contesting parties INC, Trinamool Congress and an independent candidate backed by JD (U) and CPI (M) have left no stone unturned to garner votes not only for this bye-election but also for the coming general election too. Their victory in this election will be an impetus for the next election. Whatever may be the strategies and tactics of these political parties, the important aspect of this bye-election is the formation of strong political bases of different political parties in the state.

The Trinamool Congress is one such political party which is contesting the assembly election for the first time in the state. It is evident from the election campaign of Trinamool Congress in the forthcoming Konthoujam bye-election that the party is looking forward to form a strong base in the state for the next general election. Konthoujam is just a starting point for the Trinamool Congress and it aims to expand to all over the state for the next general election. Also for other political parties which are least popular in the state, Konthoujam bye-election serves as the founding base for the next election. The political support rendered by JD (S), JD (U) and CPI (M) to the independent candidate is a kind of preparation for the general election of 2012.

At the same time the verdict of the people of Konthoujam in this bye-election will be a driving force in the next general election. The victory of INC in this bye-election will prove its legacy of being the most popular national party in the state while Trinamool’s victory or independent’s victory will give a big blow to the present Congress led SPF government even in the next general election.

Election is the most important aspect of democracy and so the people should exercise their franchise in the true spirit of democracy rather than over-influenced by money. The mushrooming of purported social workers and politicians has exerted tremendous impact in the society. The people’s representation in democracy has been wrongly applied to garnering power by these people who throw some money in the name of social works and thereof multiply of what they have invested to the people in case they get elected. Such trend is very much rampant in the present society and the people are in a confused manner unable to identify the “black and white” in the society. Often people are swayed by money power during the time of election and as a result the ideal democratic principles of the country are degrading at a great pace with rampant corrupt practices all over the country. However, the people can bring a change in the present political culture if they are conscious of the “reality” rather than the “virtual facts”. It is the people that will help bring change in democracy and so the people of Konthoujam should exercise their franchise in the forthcoming bye-election on February 14 with the objective to bring a real change in democracy and in the whole political setup of the state in the next general election of 2012.


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