FECTAM sets Feb 18 as deadline for implementation of revised UGC pay


    IMPHAL, Feb 5: The Federation of College Teachers’ Association (FECTAM) has submitted an ultimatum to the state government today setting February 18 as the deadline for the implementation of revised 6th UGC pay scale without any modification as adopted by the state cabinet in its meeting held on November 4 last year.
    The official ultimatum submitted to the Chief Minister mentioned that the ultimatum will be the final appeal from the FECTAM to the state government for the implementation of revised 6th UGC pay.
    The association had already reminded the state government about the demands of the college teachers several times but the government has not yet taken up any positive step.
    Meanwhile, the association has decided to launch democratic movement from February 18 onwards if the state government fails to materialize the legitimate demands of the teachers before February 17.
    A press release of the FECTAM said that the association will not accept any modified pay scale other than UGC pay scale in toto.
    The government college teachers are left with no option but to launch stern steps on granting justification of UGC pay scales to the college teachers and equivalent cadres. In this very ground the FECTAM justifies its demand for review of the cabinet decision adopted on November 14 last years on adoption of UGC pay scale structure with modified  Entry Level Scale and normal state allowances as recommended by the  Finance Department, the release said.
    It also said that the Commissioner (Hr. Edn) being a reporting officer of Administrative Department (AD) while pleading for adoption of revised UGC pay scale for college teachers and equivalent cadres has sidelined the salient feature of the UGC pay scale and scheme whereby misleading the cabinet leading to the adoption of UGC pay scale structure with modified Entry Level Scale.
    The release also mentioned that the main proposal was to adopt revised UGC pay scales but the decision was adoption of UGC pay scale structure with modified entry level scale. There is no state in the country adopting the UGC pay scales in modified forms because UGC pay scale is the only one approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India.
    Further, it is said that joint discussion was held between the representatives of FECTAM with the state Education minister and Commissioner (Hr. Edn) on December 21 last year at the official chamber of the state education minister L Jayantakumar Singh. It was obvious in course of the discussion that Finance Department’s suggestion to modify the pay scale at Entry Level Scale misled the cabinet to make vogue and unprecedented decision in the history of UGC scheme in the state.
    On the other hand, FECTAM expressed its serious views that the Administrative Department and Finance Department are in deliberate connivance to conceal the important facts and information regarding the UGC scheme to convince the Cabinet by way of justification for speedy implementation/adoption for revised UGC pay scale, as 27 states of the country have already implemented Revised UGC Pay Scales without any modification, no change in pay band and academic grade pays, allowances at par with that of respective state government employees as per MHRD guidelines, state governments used their discretion in case of retirement age and Manipur is the only state which is yet to implement the Revised UGC Pay Scale the release added.


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