Incredible India


India is becoming a land of scams and scandals questioning the honesty and integrity of Union Ministers, Chief Ministers, Brilliant and Brave Generals and great organisers. From Bofors to recent absolutely not clean Common Wealth Games, Sukhna land deal, Adarsh Housing Society fraud in the name of Kargil war widows, the infamous 2G spectrum allocation etc. have been guilty of countless corrupt deals and dishonest practices. These which cause humiliation and disgrace, were not happened and developed overnight affecting and insulting the whole nation.

It is the most heartache and heartbreaks for the people of India that the 2G Spectrum allocation have cause a great lost of the national exchequer as well as least productive of the entire winter session(9th Nov.2010 to 13th Dec.2010). The standoff between the Government and opposition over it resulted further wastage of Rs.230 crore above the CAG’s revelation loss of Rs.1.76 lakh crore on 2G Spectrum allocation scandal. The Parliament boycott may be considered to be the greatest scam in view of the high profile and position held by the members of both houses.

The Parliament boycott costed nearly Rs.230 crore was the least productive in parliament and said it could be the least productive year ever. Both Government and opposition were main contenders equally responsible to spoil the working hour atmosphere of the parliament. The opposition was hell-bent on demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into 2G Spectrum allocations and the Government refused to yield to the demand leading to the deadlock and impasse of the parliament.

The parliament is the highest institute in the Country and its members are also great dignitaries representing more than one billion people. They are selected persons to look after the welfare, development and progress of the common people not to get themselves involved in the wastage of public money in such filthy parliamentary scam. At this stage could the stupid common people look for CBI or PIL in Supreme Court but discerning resignation and own up for negative role in parliament?

Very recently the M.P’s salary, perk and allowances are increased to their desire and satisfaction. Not a single M.P showed generousity towards the common people while the processes were in progress. Though improvement of their financial status was thousands times better than that of the common people, they talked of more in view of costly office maintenance, high expenses in attending public function etc. instead. Free furnishing A.C, T.V etc. Government bungalow in Delhi for nominal rent, free water, Government paid most medical expenses, near free electricity, free domestic train and air travels, monthly pension as admissible etc. are the facilities enjoyed by the M.P’s. But the common people are subjected to toil to get two square meal a day at the mercy of those in power.

The impasse of the winter session 2010 could not be the voice or the language from the very heart of common citizens of India. The cabinet colleague, Telecom Minister, A.Raja as reported did not follow the advice of the Prime Minister prior to CAG’s exposition. That was ample evidence of the fact Government was fully aware of the actionable information of mishandling of 2G Spectrum allocation but no remedial action until the matter came to limelight. The BJP’s Consistent demand for J.P.C probe into the 2G scam even after Telecom Minister A.Raja was forced to exit awaiting follow up action, was unfortunate. The B.J.P never contemplated the reaction in the mind of common people over the impasse resulting loss in terms of crores. It is dubious the sinister design of BJP would succeed in toppling the UPA Government? The left parties (CPI and CPM) were also acting in a peculiar style with BJP christened communal force. Nation wide protest in the name common people and bandh imposed in the name of protecting the right of the people are meaningless while keeping pace with B.J.P. The Left parties could act as a whistle blower to stop the impasse and save the loss. In fact Congress led UPA, BJP and Left parties were engaged in power struggle, a gimmick to gain political mileage in view of the ensuing election only to deceive the poor citizens.

Was the parliament sure not having topics/issues to be discussed by its members. The spiral up prices, crop failure suicide, women’s empowerment, apathy of small family norm resulting in population explosive to make them travel on the roof of buses and trains, the multiplied numbers of slums dogs (slum dwellers), the vote bank of politicians are yet pending solution and sort out “The slum dog millionaire” a film directed by a British DANNY BOWEL to exhibit social backwardness of India with humiliation and disgrace is an eye opener for Indian leaders/politicians in dealing with the increasing slum dwellers, the lowest strata of Indian Society, (the vote bank).

India is a country with extraordinary in its beauty and charming for the traditional way of life. It has hidden natural and undiscovered/unveiled artificial wealths and every province is very very special having colourful cultures and beliefs attracting myriad visitors from around the world to have a glimpse of its beauty, charming and sanctity which are INCREDIBLE and UNBELIEVEABLE to the visitors.

But some inexplicable rogues have soiled the soil of this beautiful land and made it unltveable. The corrupt deals and dishonest practices generated by the politician and big Bosses have constituted countless scams and scandals unbearable to hapless common citizen to give birth to another irreverent INCREDIBLE INDIA. The dark cloud still looming over the next session of parliament to prove least productive due to JPC/PAC impasse in the 2G spectrum allocation preparing rampant riot rampage by the anguished people of the country who are in vulnerable position in society, is not unexpected as currently happened in other parts of the world making the task difficult to control.

Yours’ faithfully,
Khurai, Tinceed road, Imphal.


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