JAC meets ministers


    From Kaimuanthang
    Lamka 26 : The Joint Action Committee, JAC,of the Khuga Multipurpose dam met the minister for water resources Salman Khursid on February 22, along with the planning commission advisor of NEC, during which the Khuga dam conditions and still existence of unpaid bill to local contractors in the dam have been apprised.

    Briefing this correspondent Lalpu Hanshing said, the minister took the issue very seriously and assured to check the present conditions of dam at the earliest possible time.

    He further said that, NE adviser Planning Commission SN Brahmo mention that he will take up the matter with Montek Ahluwalia and visit the site soon . Meanwhile, he also claimed that Sushma Swaraj , leader of the opposition entrusted Bijoy Chakraborty an MP to raised the issue in the parliament during the budget session in the zero hours and said a letter of enquiry will also be sent by the central vigilance committee.


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