KCP(MC) ban Mobile service providers


IMPHAL Feb 18: The proscribed KCP (MC) in a press release by the commander in chief Taibangnganba states that a ban have been imposed on mobile service providers namely Aircel, Quippo,WTTIL,BCL,Tata Indicom,Idea,Lup, Voda phone, Sagar, Aster, GTL, ACME, and ICOM and other sister concerns of the stated companies.
The release further states that the households who have erected the towers of the sid companies should surrender back the towers with all equipment befor February 23.
The outfit warns of dire consequences if the directive of the outfit is not acknowledged. The fuel suppliers and the retail recharge card sellers should also refrain from conducting business with the stated companies ,the release states.


  1. to hell with you “echil enao’s”…i’d rather not have echil enas like you…who are hideous and doesnt have the guts to do anything but hold a damn gun and point it to whoever you can…. if you have so much guts then why don’t you just try putting it on your mother’s forhead…. she was the one who wronged by giving birth to garbage like you

  2. KCP (mc)..did this for a reason…coz this company haven’t pay them rasnom..so this is the justification…..
    Public of manipur we have reason now…lets kill all th f***** KCP with singaibak…..

  3. F**k u, Echil Enaos!!!! What the hell do u think of urself?? Are u guys some sort of self govt. If u wanna poke in everyone’s business, then just go to hell.
    U r d guys who r taking full privileges of their services, and u r also poking in their business. Can’t believe that there are some extremely selfish peoples in our own state.


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