KCP(MC) dictates migrants to flee


    IMPHAL Feb 17: The Assistant Secretary Military Affairs of the Kangleipak Communist Party (MC), Korouhanba in a press release has stated that the non locals residing in Manipur should leave the state.
    The release states that the decision is taken by the outfit after careful deliberation and the operation of driving out the migrants will be undertaken under `operation clear cut`, which will be initiated in purview, that, post amalgamation of Manipur to the Indian Nation, there has been an unchecked influx of  migrants in the state. The migrants have spread to every part of the state and have started controlling the economy of the state, and the locals have suffered and have become underdogs, the release stated.
    Further, the population of the migrants has risen to 1/3 of the entire state population and the locals have become a minority, if such influx continues then, the future of the Manipuri society is at peril as similar to those of the Tripuris.
    It has further warned the migrants to make haste and leave the state unless unwanted incidents occur and the outfit will not compromise on any grounds unless the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system is implemented in the state to control the influx. The release further appealed the public to support the cause of the outfit.

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