KSO demands DPC results for primary teachers


IMPHAL, Feb 15: The Kuki Students’ Organization, Tuilang Block has appealed to the public to unite in pressuring the government to announce the authenticated result of the primary teachers.

A joint press release by Sehminlenb Gangtae, president of KSO ,Twilang Block and Lamkholun Haolai , Secretary KSO states that it is an open knowledge that more than 1200 posts of primary teachers are lying vacant in the education department (S), Manipur since 2006.

The release further stated that it is a fact that the government has made efforts to recruit primary teachers in 1991, 1997 and 2006 but have not managed to carry out the process.

Further, the statement alleged that due to corruption and nepotism, the recruitment result of the 1200 candidates have not been announced as of yet by the ministers and MLAs on grounds that their favored candidate have not been acknowledged, thus the KSO assumes that anyone or any organization who are involved in the pending of the results of the DPC of the primary teachers are against the right to education.

Lastly, the organization has appealed to the public to demand the government for the speedy announcement of the result of the said DPC.


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