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Media Grievance Against Ruling Govt.

Konthoujam bye- election is on with three candidates in the flay. AMWJU have resolved non-cooperation with the SPF Government of Manipur because of controversial arrest of Mobi with Rs. 50,000 in cash. As a result currently photo flashes of one/two of the candidates & their political stalwarts are appearing in the dailies less anything what Congress has to say on its policies and programmes. Please examine it under following situation:
(a) SPF Government consists of State unit of Communist party too. It’s a coalition Govt.
(b) Government maybe formed by any political party single or more. The DGP, the Chief Secretary and judiciary can not be taken as part of any political wing as they are answerable to State Govt. Central Govt. and High Court/ Supreme Court (injunctions) too, otherwise functioning of federal system becomes infructuous. Political party may be voted out by majority A/C members but CS, DGP and judiciary (in this case High Court) can not be asked to resign.

In view of above, I wonder why ECI/ State Election Machinery is not intervening, since it is denying equal opportunity to all the three and Assembly elections is most important public event. I do sympathize with Sh.Mobi, and media but role of police & MHA cannot be underscored. These days hot talk is how to fight corruption, tackle extortions and to create safe, secure environs which is any elected Govt’s concern.
Hope Media, Govt. can find out a via media or block reporting on all the three candidates till polling is over. It is the responsibility of senior citizens too to fight for justice for all.

Yours faithfully,
RS Jassal



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